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As anglers and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we love inflatable boats and enjoy spending many great days out on the water. From kayaks to motormounts, we are passionate about all types of inflatables because of their reliable performance, ease of use, and incredible value for the price.

An In-depth Look at Inflatable Boats

Inflatable Boat

We review inflatable kayaks, catamarans, dinghies, canoes, sailboats, pontoon fishing boats, runabouts, motormounts — just about every type of inflatable recreational watercraft that isn’t a raft or float tube. Researching the boats as well as the manufacturers themselves, we’ve put together this site to make it easier for you to compare boats based on the features that are important to you.

In many of our reviews, we point out differences between models and state our reasons why we feel a boat offers better value for your money than other boats do. Quite often, what we recommend isn’t the most expensive model. Buyers can easily save hundreds of dollars if they know what features are key to look for, as well as where to buy a better boat for less money.

What you’ll find on this site:

Inflatable Whitewater Kayak

  • Our brand reviews give a rundown of the history of the manufacturer, their reputation in the market, any changes they’ve recently made to their brand, and the types of inflatable boats they excel at producing.
  • Our model reviews within a brand list the important specs in an easy-to-read format, and point out features that make the boat stand out from competitors, or where it fails to meet the grade. If there is a superior boat for the same or less money, we’ll point that out too.
  • Our recommended boats page will help you save time so that you don’t have to read dozens of reviews.
  • Our comparison charts have been put together to help you see similar inflatable boats when they are listed side by side. You can narrow your search by price or type of boat.

You can buy inflatable boats at retail boat shows or at local dealerships, but the best price and selection for these types of craft are only available online. Since most boats will weigh between 30 and 100 lbs deflated (up to 180 lbs with floorboards), manufacturers are willing to offer free shipping along with package deals.

As this site grows and expands, we’ll add reviews on new products as well as have articles with valuable information on boat care and maintenance issues. Like you, we are very passionate about getting on the water and we enjoy the freedom and sheer fun offered by inflatable boats. We hope you enjoy your new boat and get many years of use out of it.

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Inflatable Boats

Sea Eagle 124smb

Sea Eagle 124 Super Motormount
Length/Width: 12'4" x 5'6"
Capacity: 4 persons (1560 lbs)
Engine: 6 hp/74 lbs thrust electric
Warranty: 3 years

Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer
Dimensions: 14' x 3'1"
Capacity: 3 adults (855 lbs)
Warranty: 3 years


Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat

Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat
Length/Width: 14'3" x 5'11"
Capacity: 4 adults (950 lbs)
Engine: 4 hp gas
Warranty: 3 years

Inflatable Kayak Comparison Charts

Inflatable Kayaks Comparison Chart

Kayaks $70 - $999
Kayaks $1000+

Inflatable Boat Comparison Charts

Inflatable Boat Comparison Chart

Boats $85 - $999
Boats $1000+