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Colorful designs and top quality are marks of Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks, which include outstanding models such as the AdvancedFrame™, Lagoon™, and StraitEdge™ canoes and yaks.

With the intent of making inflatable kayaks with “cutting edge technology,” Advanced Elements focuses on delivering high-end quality at reasonable prices. Current company owner and president, Clay Haller — who honed his design skills on the original Stearns boats — brought his expertise to develop an outstanding line of Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks.

The Advanced Elements Inflatable Fleet

The choice of a boat will depend on how and where you intend to use it, yet if you are only going to own one inflatable kayak, it needs to do many things well. That’s why Advanced Elements has come out with hybrid kayaks that can surf the extremes of taunting whitewater rapids, as well as sashay smoothly through in lazy flat water.

Here’s a quick look at the current line of Advanced Elements kayaks:

Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayaks

  • 7'10" Firefly ($200)
  • 8'4" Lagoon1 ($330)
  • 12' Lagoon2 ($450)
  • 10'5” AdvancedFrame ($400)
  • 13' AdvancedFrame Expedition ($550)
  • 15' AdvancedFrame Convertible ($660)
  • 9'8" StraightEdge ($500)
  • 13' StraightEdge2 ($700)
  • 11' StraightEdge Canoe ($530)

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Where to Start Shopping

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak The best-selling AdvancedFrame Expedition is a hybrid design of a folding frame and an inflatable kayak. Made with quality materials, this is self-bailing model is an all-around recreational boat that glides like a hard shell. Reviews on the AdvancedFrame have been fantastic. For a tandem ride, look for the 15' Convertible.

The StraightEdge Inflatable Kayak looks and performs like a hard shell Sit-on-Top kayak. It has an aluminum bow and stern frame as well as bottom skegs for exceptional tracking on open water yet doesn’t sacrifice quick turning capabilities needed for faster waves.

Advanced Elements StraightEdge Inflatable Kayak

The 11' StraightEdge Canoe is a hybrid canoe that tracks better than other inflatable canoes thanks to Advanced Elements’ bow and stern design that uses aluminum rib forms, air bags, and rigid panels in the sidewalls.

The 7'10" Firefly is the smallest inflatable of the group. This fun beginner’s kayak is perfect for family use at a lake or for tagging along beside a large raft of people.

Great Value for the Money

For quality, functionality, style, and price, Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks offer something for everyone. Wherever your vacation or weekend adventure takes you, Advanced Elements inflatables are a guilty pleasure that will lure you back to the water again and again.

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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame - One of the bestselling, highest rated models priced under $500; a 36 lbs kayak with the aesthetic look of a hard shell.

Advanced Elements AF Expedition - The 13-ft Advanced Frame Expedition kayak has a folding frame design and extra storage room for extended trips.

Advanced Elements Airfusion - The narrow beam design combined with a hybrid frame rivals the speed and agility of a rigid hard-shell kayak.

Advanced Elements FireFly - An attractive and compact recreational kayak that is easy and quick to set up and inflate; suitable for flat water and up to Class II rapids.

Advanced Elements Lagoon - Lightweight, nimble, and easy to maneuver for kayakers of any ability level.

Advanced Elements StraightEdge - Comfortable and adaptable sit-on-top kayaks for under $500; can be paddled in up to Class III whitewater.

Advanced Elements Friday Harbour Kayak - A low cost, highly portable means to be ready to get on the water anytime the opportunity presents itself; an extremely versatile kayak for many types of water adventures.

Advanced Elements Friday Harbour Commander 9 Boat - A good all-around inflatable for fishing, family fun, and even tendering.

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