The AIRE 13.0 Tributary Fishing Package – Big Load Capacity

The AIRE 13.0 Tributary Fishing Package is a beautiful matching of the NRS fisherman’s frame with a 13' self-bailing raft.

A Look at the Raft

The package comes with the raft, frame, seats, and oars. The frame includes the stern seat mount, anchor mount, U-shaped thigh bar, rear Y thigh bar, and all hardware. The retail warranty on the raft is 5 years; the commercial warranty is one year.

Features/specs of the AIRE 13.0 Tributary:

AIRE 13.0 Tributary Fishing Package

  • Length: 13'3"
  • Width: 6'8"
  • Weight (w/o frame): 115 lbs
  • Frame max width/length: 60" x 65"
  • Tube Diameter: 19"
  • Thwarts: 3
  • Air chambers: 8
  • Bow/Stern rise: 13.5"
  • Load capacity: 1,320 lbs
  • Valve type: Leafield B-7
  • Hull color: Blue
  • Package Price: $4,600

Accessories include a repair kit, two 9' Carlisle oars, two 6.5" Carlisle Outfitter Blades, oarlocks, and five tie-down straps for the frame.

AIRE Tributary Rafts

Built to Perform – and Last!

The AIRE 13.0 Tributary Fishing Package has a big load capacity of over 1,300 pounds. The raft itself has 4 handles, 10 D-rings, and offers a roomy center compartment with a 42" center beam and the AIRE’s piano-hinge style of floor lacing for super-fast bailing of water.

The 13.5" kick/rocker design and slightly diminishing tube size allows the raft to punch waves better than rafts with larger ends, yet offers great stability with its 19" tube diameter.

The tubes are constructed with 1670-denier base fabric, welded seams, and an abrasive-resistant outer skin made with 31-oz/sq yd weight of PVC-coating.

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AIRE Tributary rafts, which are used by many commercial outfitters, follow the same designs of AIRE rafts with a few notable exceptions. While AIRE products are made in the USA, Tributaries are made in China and have less PVC on the tubes which makes them a bit lighter overall than AIRE rafts. Also, the tube tops don’t have chafe strips like the AIREs, and the warranty is for half as long – just five years. On the plus side, these more economically rafts use the same high-tech AIREcell urethane bladders found in the more pricy AIREs.

The NRS fishing raft frame has a rower’s platform seat in the middle with two oar sleeves and a pair of oar rights at the correct angle for greater efficiency when rowing. The front angler’s seat has a U-shaped thigh bar for safety and stability, and the rear swivel seat allows the angler to fish at any angle. An anchor mount is included; anchor and rope are sold separately.

What We Say

Customer reviews have remarked that this boat is too large for a one-person vessel but is the perfect size for 2 or 3 anglers who fish lakes and float down moderate flow streams. The AIRE 13.0 Tributary Fishing package is comparable to the PAC 1400 ($5,400) by AIRE’s sister company, Outcast. With the PAC 1400, you get a 10-year warranty, standing platforms, and a slighter thicker PVC hull. The choice is yours, but the 13' Tributary will save you $600 over the PAC 1400.

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