The AIRE Jaguarundi Cataraft – Ideal for Multi-Day River Trips

A great choice for a long river trip, the 16' AIRE Jaguarundi cataraft has a large load capacity even with a shallow draft, and is adaptable to several different frame types.

A Look at the Cataraft

The AIRE Jaguarundi comes with 4 convenient carry handles, 20 tie-down D-rings, and Leafield™ B-7 valves. The retail warranty is 10 years; the commercial warranty is 5 years. In addition to a selection of five different hull colors, you can also order the Jag in Urethane fabric for added durability.

Features/specs on the AIRE Jaguarundi cataraft:

AIRE Jaguarundi Cataraft

  • Length: 16'
  • Width: 7' 4"
  • Max Frame Length: 120"
  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 24"
  • Bow/Stern Rise: 28"
  • Waterline: 109.5"
  • Rowing Frame Chafers
  • Base fabric: 1670
  • Tube Material Weight Oz/Yd: 35/43
  • Load capacity: 1099 lbs
  • Hull colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red
  • Price: $2,490

Note: the frame, seat, and oars are sold separately.

AIRE Inflatable Catarafts

A Look at the Construction

The AIRE Jaguarundi cataraft has a 1670-denier base and is constructed of durable Ferrari® Precontraint coated fabric, a high performance and dirt-resistant PVC material. The weight of the PVC material is 35-oz per square yard on the top of the tubes and 43-oz/square yard on the bottom. Inside the tubes, the urethane AIREcells are superior to vinyl bladders because of their high resistance to tearing and superior elasticity.

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Other features on this AIRE cataraft include a bow and stern rise that has been set higher in this updated model to improve maneuverability and speed. In 2007, the company added rowing frame chafers to the model. The chafers are a heavier fabric inserted into cut-out areas on the top of the tubes to prevent any damage from a frame. Five NRS frames - the Alley Cat, Fat Cat, Cat Fish, Top Cat, and Universal - will fit on the Jaguarundi.

What We Say

With the weight distributed properly, the AIRE Jaguarundi can handle a capacity over 1000 pounds, a combination and payload suitable for multi-day wilderness trips for two travelers. That is the intended use of the cat and something you should remember when making a cat selection, especially since user reviews indicate that the Jaguarundi does not handle as well if it is under loaded. If this model sounds like more than you need, consider the smaller 14' Ocelot, or even the 13' Wildcat, if you are a solo trekker that packs light. If the Wildcat and Ocelot are too small for planned extended river trips, then the AIRE Jaguarundi cataraft is definitely a good choice.

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