The AIRE Ocelot Cataraft – AIRE’s Best Selling Model

The 14' AIRE Ocelot Cataraft is a premier play boat that is fun to surf with and easy to handle even in more challenging situations. It’s perfect for one person but you can take a friend along on short trips too.

A Look at the Cataraft

This model comes with 20 D-rings, 4 Carry handles, 4 air chambers fitted with superior Leafield™ B7 valves, and a repair kit. The retail warranty is 10 years; the commercial warranty is 5 years.

Features/specs of the AIRE Ocelot Cataraft :

Aire Ocelot Cataraft

  • Length: 14'
  • Width: 6' 6"
  • Max Frame Length: 98.5"
  • Weight: 71 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 22"
  • Bow/Stern Rise: 27.5"
  • Waterline: 92"
  • Base fabric: 1670
  • Tube Material Weight Oz/Yd: 35/43
  • Load capacity: 762 lbs
  • Hull colors: Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, or Red
  • Price: $2,273

Note: the Frame, seat, and oars are sold separately.

AIRE Inflatable Catarafts

Superior Construction

As part of the company’s Performance Series of cataraft, the AIRE Ocelot Cataraft is a 14' play boat that excels on whitewater and for carrying extra gear on multi-day trips. The dual tubes have a 22" diameter for great buoyancy, with a load capacity of 762 lbs. Constructed of tough 35/1670 (wt/denier) PVC fabric and urethane AIREcells, this quality construction will last for years.

Three of the NRS center frames - the Alley Cat, Cat Fish, and Sport Cat - will fit on the Ocelot. This selection gives you greater flexibility when you choose your seat mount, oar mounts, and rigging for your adventures.

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Pro retailer and customer reviews reflect the popularity of this model which is AIRE’s best-selling cataraft as it can offer a little more than the 13' Wildcat, and better maneuverability over the 16' Jaguarundi. The Ocelot is a good size for two people with limited gear, as long as the distribution of the payload is correct, and it will be agile and perform exceptionally on fast flowing rivers up to and including Class IV.

Performance and Long Life

The AIRE Ocelot has been around for years and saw its most recent update in 2007. Improvements include higher rises in the bow and stern to better handle wave punching, and integrated 43-oz frame chafe strips (although the outer hull fabric is tough enough that the extra protection is almost unnecessary). The $2,275 price tag doesn’t include the frame but it is a good value when you consider that these boats will last 20 years with proper care. When you invest in an AIRE Ocelot Cataraft, you are getting the best-selling design from the premier U.S. manufacturer of inflatable boats and kayaks, as AIRE continues to set the standard for the rest of the pack to follow.

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