Airis Angler in Puerto Rico

by Craig
(San Juan, Puerto Rico)

Airis Angler

Airis Angler

I've been using my Airis Angler inflatable kayak for several months, to fish in Puerto Rico reservoirs, coastal lagoons, rivers and the ocean. This is a tremendously well designed, sturdy, stable and comfortable kayak. It is perfectly suited to my life style, since I live in a second floor condominium, without much storage space. And, I drive a small hatchback car, not suited to carrying a kayak on the roof. With the Angler, I can carry a very capable 12 ft. fishing kayak in my small car.

The only major modification I have done to it is to install a swivel seat on the aluminum base. This replaces the normal seat, and sits me up a bit higher, out of the cockpit. I find it very comfortable to paddle from this position, and it gives me a good perspective and nice place to cast from with either a fly rod or spinning rod. I have a rod holder beside the seat for the spinning rod, and the fly rod has a holder added onto the milk crate in the stern. Even though the hold in the bow is supposed to be "dry", I found that if a wave passes over the bow as you launch into surf, it will get wet. So, I place items I want dry in a dry bag inside the front storage space. A couple of caribiners placed in the accessory holes in the versa track, or on the D-rings lets me adjust the angle of the anchor line.

When I'm just fly fishing, the rod holder beside the seat can hold the landing net.

The Airis Angler is a fine inflatable kayak, which is used a LOT (nearly every weekend; year round), and I'm one very happy customer. If I could change one thing, I'd ask for the wheels that are supposed to go on the stern. I have to portage over a dike frequently to get to my favorite tarpon fishing spot. I can pick it up, but it would be nice to just roll it instead.

My next addition will probably be a second aluminum base, to add a fish finder and/or GPS.

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