The Airis Angler Inflatable Kayak: The New Fishing Kayak from Walker Bay

Combining fishing and kayaking, the Airis Angler inflatable kayak makes sure you squeeze every last drop of fun out of every fishing trip. You’ll never want to stand on shore or use any other fishing boat once you try the new solo Angler.

Launched in August 2008 along with three other new inflatable kayaks – the Tender, Velocity, and Tandem – from the Airis division of Walker Bay, the Angler is geared towards the fisherman who wants an easy, stable, and lightweight boat that can go anywhere.

A Look at the Airis Angler Inflatable Kayak

As part of their “kayak-in-a-bag” line, Airis loaded the high-end Angler with features including two rod holders, footrests, an accessory attachment system, a 28" x 8" aluminum gear mount platform, and plenty of storage for tackle.

Specs on the Angler:

Airis Angler Inflatable Kayak

  • Dimensions: 12' x 33"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (300 lbs)
  • Weight: 38 lbs
  • 2 Air Chambers
  • High Pressure AirWeb™ hull & floor
  • Versa-Track™ accessory system
  • 2 fishing rod holders
  • D-ring bow handle w/bowline
  • Oversized rear skeg
  • Paddle holder
  • Integrated foot rests
  • Drain plug
  • Two molded handles
  • 2-year limited Warranty

Note: Paddle and adjustable seat/backrest are sold separately.

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Still More Features!

The Airis Angler inflatable kayak also comes with an AirPack™ deluxe portaging backpack, bow storage compartment, stern storage area with bungee and drain hold, aluminum gear-mount platform, repair kit, and a high pressure air pump with gauge.

You can order other optional items from Walker Bay including additional gear-mount platforms for fish finders, depth sounders, down riggers, and more.

Built With Fishermen in Mind

Airis Angler Inflatable Fishing Kayak

One of the key features that sets the Airis Angler apart from other inflatable fishing kayaks is the Versa-Track™ accessory attachment system that runs down both sides of the kayak. It gives you 32 attachment points for fishing gear. Big men will appreciate that the Angler has a roomy wide beam of 33" and it carries a payload capacity up to 300 lbs.

Rated above average for rigidity, portability, stability, inflation time, and cargo capacity, the Airis Angler inflatable kayak is a terrific choice for general flatwater touring and day fishing. Reviewers have found it to have good maneuverability in shallow water, and better-than-expected speed and tracking ability when paddling in large bodies of calm water.

Steady and Rugged

Airis inflatable kayaks are made using the company’s patented high-pressure AirWeb™ construction, which uses a heavy-duty 7-layer polymer coated fabric woven with thousands of drop-stitch fibers. That makes the hull of the Airis Angler extremely rigid and able to withstand encounters with boulders, docks, flotsam, and most other hazards in and around the water. You won’t have to sweat thinking about possibly ripping a hole in the hull, and even snagging a large hook in the kayak will require only a minor repair.

Amazing Access to Bass Beds

The Airis Angler kayak keeps you low on the water allowing you access to shallow water fish without spooking them. With an adjustable backrest (sold separately), you’ll be comfortable enough to fish for hours, and when you are done, getting out of the kayak is as easy as it was to get in. Finally, this 38-lb craft is light enough for most anyone to lift alone — and a thrill to hook a largemouth bass and get pulled across the lake! The 12' Airis Angler inflatable kayak, which comes in yellow or camouflage, retails for $1,699. It’s a bit pricy but it’s the best inflatable fishing kayak on the market today.

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