Aqualine Inflatable Dinghies: Premier Quality and Value

Aqualine inflatable dinghies are attractive and sturdy tenders suitable for any sailing vessel or for anyone in need of a small reliable watercraft for fishing, scuba diving, and exploring beaches and lakes.

Aqualine inflatable dinghies are so convenient and portable that the company adopted the brand name “Boats in a Bag” to emphasize the ease of going from bag to water in less than 15 minutes.

A Look at the Dinghies

Aqualine makes more than one inflatable dinghy: Boats in Bags™ makes a fleet of white tenders ranging in length from 7'6" to 14'. Each comes with standard equipment, which includes seat benches, oars with oarlocks, D-rings, perimeter line, pump, repair kit, and carrying bag.

Specifications of Aqualine dinghies:

Aqualine Inflatable Dinghies

  • 6 Hull Lengths: 7'6", 8'6", 9'6", 11', 12', 12'6", 14'
  • Tube Diameter: 17" - 19"
  • Capacity: 2 to 6 persons
  • Hull weight: 77 to 155 lbs
  • PVC material
  • High pressure inflatable floor
  • Inflatable keel
  • Engine capacity: 2.5hp – 25hp
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Set-up & inflation time: 15 minutes

Aqualine Inflatables

Aqualine inflatable dinghies can be purchased by themselves or as part of a package deal with your choice of a 4hp, 6hp, 9.9hp, 15hp, or 25hp Suzuki motor. You can add your own motor, of course, or let Boats in Bags™ help you select a Suzuki 4-stroke motor to provide ample power for the dinghy and your intended purposes.

Built With Quality

Boats in Bags

With attention to detail, Aqualine has designed these dinghies down to the smallest machine weld. Even the foot pump (included) is able to inflate the floor to its proper pressure of 11 psi, which many pumps cannot do. The hull tubes inflate to 3psi. The high-pressure air floor – the reason these boats are also known as the Dinghy with the Mattress – is rigid enough that you will feel secure and confident standing on it. The 11psi floor not only eliminates the need for a heavy wood floor, it allows the user to easily deflate and roll up the boat for storage on an RV, boat, or in the bed of a pick-up.

The inflatable keel keeps the dinghy tracking straight and helps to get the boat on plane quickly. The hull is made of 1100 Decitex material which is tear and abrasion-resistant, and it also has a rubbing strake for added protection against bumps.

Reviewers find Aqualine dinghies to be superior in design to many inflatables made by competitors because of the extra space inside, and the oversized air tubes keep the interior dry even when under tow. You will appreciate the room and weight capacity if you plan to haul guests, groceries, and other supplies back to your larger vessel at anchorage.

What We Say

Aqualine dinghies are high-end PVC tenders at the listed price; however, they always seem to be on sale. For example, the 12' inflatable dinghy has a retail price of $1,025 but it is $970 at (No matter where you order Aqualine inflatable dinghies online, it ships from Boats in Bags™.) At $1,000, a PVC dinghy is a good buy. These tenders are so well designed and built that, with proper care, they should last you for many sailing seasons.

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