The Creek Company ODC 1624 Pontoon Boat – A 3-Person Fishing Craft

The Creek Company ODC 1624 pontoon boat is a heavy duty, quality craft without the big price tag of an Outcast or one of the more expensive brands of 2 and 3-person fishing boats. It allows you and your buddies or clients to get out to where the fish are biting without spending $4000 on a high-end inflatable flyfishing boat.

A Look at the Boat

The Creek Company ODC 1624 pontoon boat comes equipped with standup fishing stations and leaning bars fore and aft, a rowing station, 8' drift boat oars, heavy duty brass oarlocks, transom block for motor mount, Lift 'N Lock anchor drop system, rod holder, stripping baskets, 2 side storage bags, 4 large mesh cargo bags, and a high volume, double action hand pump.

Creek Company ODC 1624 Pontoon Boat

Specs of the ODC 1624 pontoon boat:

  • Length: 16'
  • Pontoon Diameter: 24"
  • Capacity: 800 lbs (3 persons)
  • Designed for Electric Trolling Motor max. 36 lbs thrust
  • Hull Weight: 200 lbs

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Take a Closer Look

Creek Company 3-Person Fishing Boat

The Creek Company ODC 1624 pontoon boat is 16' long with ‘toons that are 24 inches in diameter. The hull material is comprised of 30 oz. PVC covers, 420-denier nylon liners, and a 30 gauge PVC bladder system with Boston valves. All seams of the PVC are thermo-welded for extra durability.

The aluminum frame requires no tools to set up. Standard features of the Creek Company ODC 1624 include three (3) padded plastic seats, and a large diamond-plate aluminum rear cargo deck that can carry up to 100 lbs. The standing platforms on the front and rear have leaning bars, and the rower’s station in the middle has an adjustable oar-lock station. The rear angler’s station can also be removed to convert the pontoon boat to a 2-man frame.

What’s In a Name?

The ODC 1624 sells at Amazon for $1500 but you’ll need to spend extra for accessories such as rod holders (it only comes with one!), and possibly some swivel seat mounts. Even when opting for these little necessities, the Creek Company ODC 1624 3-person fishing boat is value priced at hundreds of dollars less than competitor boats. As with many products these days, pontoon boats and other inflatable craft are actually made in the same factories in China. The boat specs, PVC material, seam welding process, and so on, are all exactly the same – with the exception of the different brand stamped on the hull. So don’t fall for the sales hype and pay too much for a pontoon; save a ton of money and go with the Creek Company ODC 1624 pontoon boat instead of opting for a more expensive brand name.

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