The Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat – Easy to Transport/Store

The Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat is designed specifically for anglers, as it can be used in shallow waters as well as moving water up to and including Class II rapids, but anyone who enjoys a laid back day on the water can easily enjoy this two person pontoon boat.

A Look at the Boat

The list price of $1,200 is a reasonable one for the quality and versatility you’ll get with Creek Company’s 2 person ODC, but you won’t often find it on sale for much less. The frameless design is a unique and handy feature, as it makes it far easier to transport and store the boat.

Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat specifications and features include:

Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat
  • 18” x 13’ Hull
  • Three 30-gauge Main Bladders
  • Three 30-gauge Seat Bladders
  • Pro Series push button inflation valves
  • Made of 3 layer PVC with 420 denier nylon inner liner
  • Air pod seat for high or low seating
  • 4 insulated storage bags with rod holders
  • Adjustable foot bars for each seat
  • Stainless Steel Oarlocks
  • 2 piece, 6.5’ oars
  • Hand Pump and adapters
  • Storage and Carry Bag
  • Whitewater rating: Class II

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Unique Style Is Making Waves

The Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat is one of the new Outdoor Discovery Craft (ODC) that the company launched for the company’s 25th anniversary celebration. The company claims it can be inflated and on the water in 5 minutes, but most reviewers say a more realistic estimate is 15-20 minutes. This is still an impressive figure, as you are inflating and completely assembling a two person pontoon with adjustable seating. Creek Company’s claim that the ODC Voyager 2 is the lightest, most compact and easiest to assemble 2-person pontoon boat available seems likely. We haven’t seen anything else like it on the market.

Finishing Touches For the Fisherman

A lot of thought went into the design and accessories of the Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat. They didn’t skimp at all on features like the four generously sized, insulated gear bags, which attach via D-rings and Velcro. Two dozen D rings make it easy to attach as much of your own gear as you can manage. The fishing seat has two levels and an integrated back rest that reviewers note is quite comfortable. Both seating areas also have two positions for your feet, which is great when you want to really put your back into rowing those Class II rapids. When tried on the rapids, reviewers noted that the Voyager 2 had excellent spin and was surprisingly nimble.

Complaints are rare when you’re reading reviews of the Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 Pontoon Boat, focusing on minor details like the perception that it is heavier than 65 pounds when deflated and packed. If this is the only thing you find wrong with this novel 2 person fishing pontoon, you’ve made an excellent investment.

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