The Creek Company ODC XR10 Pontoon Boat – Easier to Row, More Room for Gear

The upgraded Creek Company ODC XR10 pontoon boat features a new lightweight rigid grid cargo deck, which replaced the aluminum deck on last year’s model.

A Look at the Boat

This 10-foot, 1-person fishing boat has a no-tools-required hammer finished aluminum frame, 18" diameter pontoons, Boston valves, and comes with a padded plastic seat. Accessories for the Creek Company ODC XR10 pontoon boat include 8' oars, brass oarlocks with nylon bushings, transom block, rod holder, side cargo pocket, side stripping basket, and a heavy-duty 2-way hand pump.

Creek Company ODC XR10 Pontoon Boat

Specs of the ODC XR10 pontoon boat:

  • Length: 10'
  • Width: 66"
  • Pontoon diameter - 18"
  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 80 lbs

Optional Accessories: standing platform ($99), or standing platform/leaning bar ($129)

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Why Choose a 10' Boat?

The materials used on the tubes of the Creek Company ODC XR10 pontoon boat are olive-colored and made with 30 oz PVC fabric covering the air bladders. The PVC has thermal-welded seams. The aluminum frame straps to the tubes using cam-lock straps that are fully adjustable at each of the four D-ring connections.

The large open brass oarlocks have nylon bushing inserts for quiet rowing. On the cargo deck, there’s plenty of room in the ODC XR10 pontoon boat to store your gear, or use the large cargo pocket on the side for your tackle. If you like to troll, a transom block is already installed and ready for mounting an electric trolling motor.

A note about size: Don’t buy an 8' pontoon boat thinking you’ll “make do” until you can afford a larger size. Buy a Creek Company ODC depending on your size and weight; as well as how much gear you intend to take. The longer pontoons of the ODC XR10 actually make the boat easier to row as well as maneuver in rough water. The last thing you want is a boat that is too small, and you will forever regret not getting a larger size.

Economical and a Great Value

Although it is designed for fly fishing, the Creek Company ODC XR10 pontoon boat is a large and roomy craft that works well for any kind of fishing. Weighing in at 80 pounds, however, it is not easily portable for one person to handle but that’s about the only drawback. On the plus side is the reasonable price especially if you can find it for less than its $799 MSRP price. The great thing about Creek boats is that they come in sizes from 8' to 12' so you are sure to find one that is just right for your application.

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