The Creek Company ODC XR12 Pontoon Boat for Fly Fishing & Class II Rapids

Along with its “no tools required” set-up, the Creek Company ODC XR12 pontoon boat features a sturdy aluminum frame and buoyant 20" diameter tubes, as well as all the accessories you and you’re your buddy need for on-the-water fly fishing.

A Look at the Boat

The 10-foot Creek Company ODC XR12 pontoon boat is a 2-person fishing boat that comes with 2 plastic molded seats, one rod holder, two large cargo pockets, stripping apron, two zippered mesh storage bags, 8' oars, molded oar stops, bronze oarlocks mounted into nylon inserts for smooth rowing, and a 2-way high volume pump.

Creek Company ODC XR12 Pontoon Boat

Specs of the ODC XR12 pontoon boat:

  • Length: 12'
  • Width: 68"
  • Pontoon diameter - 20"
  • Fishing station platform
  • Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 120 lbs

Recommended upgrades: Swivel seat mount, seat caddy, additional rod holder

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Converts to a 1-Person Pontoon

The Creek Company ODC XR12 pontoon boat comes with a Hammer Finish aluminum frame, 20" diameter pontoons with 3 layers of 30 oz. PVC thermal welded outer cover, a 420-denier nylon inner liner, and 30 gauge PVC bladders fitted with Boston valves. The rear rowing station has three oarlock positions and a rowing frame with a width of 66” inches between them. The forward fishing station features a tall seat, a leaning bar, and a standing platform.

The cargo deck has a new lightweight rigid grid platform with a large 100-pound capacity for gear and essentials. That weight limit includes the transom mount that can take an electric trolling motor with a max thrust of 36 pounds. The ODC XR12 also has the Lift and Lock anchor system (anchor & anchor line not included).

And there’s one more cool feature: the pontoon boat easily converts for 1-person use, which is ideal for a large individual who needs a lot of space, or people who prefer to take along their dog.

Versatile and Affordable

The Creek Company ODC XR12 inflates and assembles in about 20 minutes. It is comfortable, roomy, maneuverable, easy to handle, and cuts through the water a lot faster than a shorter pontoon boat. It is made of quality materials and feels sturdy standing on the deck while casting or floating down Class II rapids. The Creek Company ODC XR12 pontoon boat is affordable at an MSRP of $1299. With this kind of flexibility and value, you will be glad you went with a Creek boat.

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