The Creek Company ODC XR8 Pontoon Boat – Versatile, Portable

Though it is designed for flyfishing, the Creek Company ODC XR8 pontoon boat can be used for most any kind of fishing on lakes and even rivers with up to Class II rapids. They are versatile and portable too – one can be set up in about 20 minutes.

A Look at the Boat

The Creek Company ODC XR8 pontoon boat is a 1-person fishing boat that comes with a set of 3 pc oars, brass oarlocks, a padded plastic seat, motor mount, aluminum frame, rod holder, side storage pocket, stripping apron, and a 2-way hand pump. Color: grey.

Creek Company ODC XR8 Pontoon Boat

Specs of the ODC XR8 boat:

  • Length: 8'
  • Beam Width: 54"
  • Pontoon Diameter - 16"
  • Capacity: 375 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 55 lbs

Heavy Duty Pontoons

The Creek Company ODC XR8 pontoon boat features 30-oz PVC hull material with thermal welded seams for watertight air chambers. The 30-gauge PVC bladders have Boston valves. The full take down frame requires no tools and can be set up and inflated in minutes. There is plenty of storage space on the metal grate cargo deck and in the large side cargo pockets.

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The 6.5' oars fit smoothly into the mid-duty open brass oar locks, and with nylon bushing inserts, rowing is quiet – which you’ll appreciate when moving into position quietly and without scaring the fish. Or if you prefer to troll, use the transom block and mount a small electric trolling motor. The foot bars, which have six adjustable positions for small and tall anglers, allow you to keep your feet out of the water for relaxing, or as a brace when navigating faster water.

The 8' ODC XR8 pontoon boat handles better than models with 7' pontoons, which are too short to handle easily in strong rivers. While there are more expensive 8' boats on the market, you don’t need to overspend as long as the quality is acceptable. In other words, you don’t need to pay for more boat than you’ll use, especially if you are going out only a few times a year. If you don’t have to go too far on the water, this one gets the job done.

What We Say

In terms of quality and performance, the Creek Company ODC XR8 is a nice fly fishing pontoon boat for $499, but we would strongly recommend you go with the ODC XR9. The 9' boat will glide better, doesn’t require as much energy to row as an 8' model will, and you can add a standing platform to the 9' boat. Another option is to consider a frameless pontoon with swivel seats that sets up in about 5 minutes – perfect example is the Sea Eagle 285 fpb Pro package. It might cost a little more than the Creek Company ODC XR8 pontoon boat (it’s fully tricked out!) but it also weighs a lot less, comes with a 180-day money back guarantee, and you can stand up in it. The 9' Sea Eagle is definitely worth a look otherwise go with the ODC XR9 if you are planning to buy a Creek boat.

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