The Creek Company ODC XR9 Pontoon Boat – Ideal for the Fly Fisherman

The Creek Company ODC XR9 pontoon boat has been fitted with raised oarlock stations and a new updated frame. Loaded with features, you can also opt for a standing platform to make your ODC XR9 a versatile fly fishing boat.

A Look at the Boat

The Creek Company ODC XR9 pontoon boat is a one-person fishing craft that features a heavy-duty hammer finished aluminum frame and a padded plastic seat. Accessories include 7' oars, brass oarlocks, motor mount for electric trolling motor, rod holder, side cargo pocket, side stripping basket, Boston valves, and a 2-way hand pump.

Creek Company ODC XR9 Pontoon Boat

Specs of the ODC XR9 boat:

  • Length: 9'
  • Width: 60"
  • Pontoon diameter - 15"
  • Capacity: 375 lbs
  • Overall Weight: 65 lbs

Optional Accessories: standing platform ($89)

A Good Size for Solo Anglers

Rated for class II water, the cobalt blue Creek Company ODC XR9 Pontoon Boat is a midsize craft that handles both the rough water and is an ideal platform for the fly fisherman on calm water. Assembly is easy with this no-tools-required frame, and four cam-lock straps secure each pontoon to the frame. The heavy duty pump fills the air bladders quickly to get you on the water faster. The pontoons are made with 30 oz PVC thermo-welded outer covering over a 430 denier liner and 30 gauge PVC bladders. Weighing just 65 pounds itself, the pontoon boat carries a maximum payload of 375 pounds.

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Creek Company ODC XR9 1-Person Fishing Boat

The Creek Company ODC XR9 also features walk-through foot bars with a 6-position adjustment. The cargo deck has plenty of room for gear storage, plus room for a battery to run an electric trolling motor. The cargo pocket and mesh stripping apron are handy storage for your gear.

A 9' pontoon boat is the ideal length for most any size angler, although a larger, stronger individual would be advised to get a 10' boat. The Creek Company offers an optional aluminum platform that is designed specifically to fit their 9' boats. It’s a comfortable leg rest as well as offering the chance for standing and getting a better sight line over the water.

A Solution for Reaching the Far Fishing Hole

Alas, we’ve all felt that pang of standing on the shores of a lake loaded with hungry trout, and being unable to reach them due to bank brush or a vast clump of tall aquatic weeds. When shore casting won’t do, wading seems risky, and a float tube isn’t appealing, a high-riding pontoon boat is the go-to solution you want. The Creek Company ODC XR9 pontoon boat is affordable for fly fishing as well as for use as a drift boat and trolling. It has a retail price of $699 MSRP but can usually be found online for less.

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