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Fly fishermen have a wide selection of models among Creek Company pontoon boats to choose from. These boats can handle Class II river rapids as well as drift silently with slow moving water making them a top choice among anglers looking for serious gear.

The Creek Company of Colorado has been making quality pontoon boats dedicated to fly fishing for two decades. The company is probably better known for its float tubes with above water seating, but their pontoon boats are also first rate.

A Look at the Crafts

Creek Company pontoon boats are made with three layers of a heavy duty, 30 oz. PVC thermal welded outer shell covering a 420 denier nylon inner liner that protects the 30 gauge PVC bladders. All the Creek ODC (Outdoor Discovery Craft) boats are fitted with superior Boston valves. The most popular models are the XR9, XR10, and XR12.

Creek Company Pontoon Boats

  • ODC XR 8 - The smallest pontoon boat is an 8' boat for under $500.
  • ODC XR 9 - This 9' solo fly angler’s boat comes in cobalt blue.
  • ODC XR 10 - A 10' pontoon boat that offers a larger weight capacity.
  • ODC XR 12 - At $1499, this is the ultimate 2-person craft. It is 12' long and has 20" diameter pontoons. As with any of the Creek Company inflatable boats, you can opt to add a small electric trolling motor.

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Two other pontoon boats to consider include:

  • ODC Sport XR - At just 50 lbs, this little 8' boat carries a load capacity of 375 lbs.
  • ODC 1624 - at $1799, the 1624 is the company’s largest inflatable boat. Used by private individuals and professional fishing guides, this 16' pontoon has two fisherman’s stations.

Maneuverable and Fun

The pontoons inflate in just a few minutes, then once you strap on the frame and load your gear, you are ready for a day of exciting fly fishing, whether on a lake or finding that perfect spot on a river. Creek Company boats are very maneuverable, durable, and easy to use. These boats are designed to allow everything to be within reach and they ride high on the water so you can sight fish as well as cast. With proper care, you should get many seasons of fishing with a Creek boat.

A Good Choice for a Flyfishing Boat

Creek Company pontoon boats offer good value for the money, although the online prices tend to run about 10% to 20% higher than similar budget flyfishing boats made by other companies. Nevertheless, these inflatables are a good investment and will put you in places on the water for an easier cast as well as get to otherwise inaccessible areas where fish are feeding.

Creek Company Reviews

Creek Company ODC 1624 - A quality 16' inflatable 3-person fishing boat value priced at hundreds of dollars less than competitor models.

Creek Company ODC Sport XR / Super Sport XR - The 8’ ODC Sport XR and the 9’ Super Sport XR easily fold up to fit into your trunk or RV. No-tools-required assembly, quality frame, durable pontoons.

Creek Company ODC XR8 - A versatile and portable 1-person fishing boat. If you don’t have to go too far on the water, this one gets the job done.

Creek Company ODC XR9 - Affordable for fly fishing as well as for use as a drift boat and trolling. An easy-to-assemble 1-person fishing boat.

Creek Company ODC XR10 - A large and roomy 1-person craft that works well for any kind of fishing; plenty of room to store your gear, ready for mounting an electric trolling motor.

Creek Company ODC XR12 - Comfortable, roomy, maneuverable, easy to handle, and cuts through the water a lot faster than a shorter boat; 2-person pontoon easily converts for 1-person use.

Creek Company ODC Voyager 2 - One of the lightest, most compact and easiest to assemble 2-person pontoon boats designed specifically for anglers.

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