Inflatable Boat Covers - Protecting your Investment

To keep your watercraft looking like new, inflatable boat covers are an important investment that will add years to your boat’s life and value.

Inflatable boat covers are chiefly necessary if you use your boat often and don’t deflate it. It doesn’t matter where it will be stored – on shore, outside of your RV, trailered, or lashed onto the deck of a larger vessel – it should be kept under a cover. This is especially true if it is a large inflatable boat, as something that is 14 feet or longer is always a hassle to constantly inflate, deflate, clean, and dry every single time you use it.

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Covers are a good idea for protecting expensive top-end hypalon boats, which even though they carry 10-year warranties, can last up to 20 years when properly cared for. As for the second type of inflatables, covers are also especially important for cheaper PVC boats that can deteriorate quickly if stored outdoors and unprotected, either fully or partially inflated.

Prevent Sun Damage and More

Inflatable Boat Covers

If left out in direct sunlight for long periods of time and without the benefit of inflatable boat covers, PVC tubes will begin to show wear in as little as two seasons. The first sign of trouble occurs when the hull has become sticky and discolored. In some cases, your prized boat can turn into an eyesore; for example, a red hull can turn different shades of pink if not properly cared for. Later on, the fabric will begin to crack. Additionally, PVC tubes that have sustained serious sun damage will also be stressed to hold air pressure correctly.

V-Hull, Pontoon, Fishing, Ski and Center Console Covers

Apart from using a cover, another thing you can do for your PVC or hypalon boat is to protect it with 303 aerospace protectant spray. In fact, when cheaper PVC material is treated regularly, it can almost equal the long-life UV protection characteristics of hypalon.

Types of Covers Available

Rigid Inflatable Boat Cover

Heavy-duty inflatable boat covers are made of a woven fabric that is breathable, which means it won’t trap heat and mildew-creating moisture like a cheap vinyl tarp will. Indeed, storing your hypalon or PVC boat under the wrong kind of cover can create more problems than you are trying to prevent.

Blunt Nose, Tapered Nose & Center Console Covers

Covers come in dozens of different sizes, styles, colors, and marine-grade fabrics. Fitted covers are designed for a variety of different types of inflatable boats including hulls that are blunt nose (these covers will also fit rounded bows), and for tapered nose or pointed bows. You will also find rounded stern covers, and those specially designed for boats equipped with center consoles and motors. They will fit snuggly and can be tied down so it won’t flap or fly off when towing a trailered boat on the road.

Most inflatable boat covers will fit any brand of boat including Avon, Zodiac, Sea Eagle, West Marine, and Saturn. Before ordering, you will need to know your boat’s beam and centerline measurements, as well as hull style. Prices for new covers range from $60 to several hundred dollars yet you will come to find this to be money well spent; covering your inflatable boat will extend its lifespan as well as keeping it looking as good as the first day you inflated it.

Inflatable Boat Repair for Damaged, Punctured, and Faded Hulls

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