Inflatable Boat Trolleys and Kayak Carts

Stop dragging your inflatable boat! A launching trolley is a handy and easy to use transport rig that gets your boat and gear to the water without making several trips back to the car, or dragging your beloved watercraft over rocks and pavement.

These two-wheeled carts support the weight of the boat up to 150 pounds and more, and can be pulled with one hand. To protect the fabric hull of your boat, the carts are usually padded or have rubber bumpers.

Designed to be convenient, most styles are collapsible so that you can carry your canoe, kayak, or boat to the water, then fold up the trolley and store it onboard to use for portage when possible.

Rolling Right Along

Inflatable Kayak Boat Trolley

There are different types of carts for canoes, kayaks, and SOT (sit-on-top) kayaks, as well as for different terrain such as sand, rocks, or pavement. Cheaper carts run about $50 to $100 while better designed and higher quality carts are around $140 to $225.

For those trips when you know you won’t be needing a yoke or harness to strap the canoe to your back, a set of inflatable boat launching wheels will be a convenient and back-saving way to move your stuff with the convenience of rolling it right along.

Some of the more popular carts include:

Kayak Cart

  • Paddleboy® is one of the better known manufacturers of boat carts. They are very lightweight and affordable but should not be used with heavy rafts and canoes, and they do not seem to work well rolling over sand and uneven terrain.
  • The Source Dolley Trolley is one of the most inexpensive carts at just $55. It weights just 5 pounds and takes only minutes to set up. The drawbacks are that The Source is too bulky to stow on the boat, and it does not come with straps or bungee cords to fasten down a kayak to the frame.
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    Canoe Kayak Portage Cart

  • Malibu Kayak Carts are heavy duty wheel carts with stainless steel frames and inflatable tires that work well for long hauls to the water over rougher terrain. A Malibu is more expensive at $134, but worth it in the long run.
  • The 12.8 pound Carlisle Portage Cart features an anodized aluminum frame that carries up to 176 pounds on its 3-inch wide pneumatic tires. It is collapsible for stowing in the canoe and, at $140, it rates as one of the best buys for a lightweight, durable, and multi-purpose inflatable boat launching trolley and portage cart.
  • Kayak Trolley

  • The Wheeleez Beach Kayak Transport is ideal for carting your kayak over sand, gravel, and rocks to the water. Its low pressure balloon-wheels distribute weight over a wider path for an easier trip. The frame is made of marine-grade anodized aluminum to protect against rust.

Don’t Attempt to Carry Your Load

Purchasing an inflatable boat launching trolley will help you enjoy the start of your day’s journey that much more when you don’t have to pull a muscle just getting your boat to the water’s edge. Even more, after a few hours of paddling, you will appreciate a cart transporting your heavy IK and gear up the trail while you enjoy the scenery. These folding trolleys are an exceptional tool to have — and make a great gift for your favorite kayaker too!

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