The Innova Seaker Inflatable Kayak – An Expedition Sea Kayak

Noted for its innovation and excellence, the Innova Seaker inflatable kayak has the distinction of receiving the “Paddler’s Pick” by Paddler Magazineand winning a “Real Deal” Award from Hooked on the Outdoors magazine.

A Look at the Kayak

The Innova Seaker inflatable kayak comes with Kajak Sport® hatch covers, mesh deck bags, and a carry bag for transport. It features SmartTrac™, a simple system to raise and lower the rudder: to raise the rudder, move the clip to the front D-ring, and to lower it move it to the rear D-ring.

Innova Seaker Inflatable Kayak

Specifications on the Seaker:

  • Dimensions: 15'9" x 30"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (440 lbs)
  • Weight: 60 lbs
  • River rating: Class I
  • Accepts standard spray skirts
  • Material: Nitrylon (Decks, bottom); Mirasol (Sides)
  • Colors available: Red/gray, Yellow/gray
  • Packed dimensions: 47"x 24"x 10"
  • 2-year warranty

Note: Paddle not included.

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The Perfect Kayak for Your Needs

Innova Seaker Cockpit

The Innova Seaker inflatable kayak has a sea kayak profile with high sidewalls, standard cockpit opening and deck hatches, extruded rubber cockpit combing, an integrated dry deck, and a frameless construction for fast set-up times of approximately 10 minutes.

Like all Innova designs, the Seaker is a well-thought out inflatable kayak that is highly suitable to sea touring. For performance, it accelerates slowly but once it gets its glide it is faster than a Sunny, though it won’t catch a hardshell. Where it really shines is in the surf and swells. If you want a stable kayak with the ability to punch through surf and heavy weather while loaded with gear, this is a reliable choice. With a spray skirt in place, you’ll stay dry and warm.

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Note: Though most Innova kayaks are PVC-free, the Seakers are not. Both the solo and tandem model, as well as the Innova K1 and K2, use some PVC to provide structural stiffness on the longer tubes. This polyester reinforced PVC, called Mirasol, is in the side chambers.

Reviews on this expedition sea kayak often mention that it is a big heavy boat designed to match the payload and performance of a folder and still offer the packability of an inflatable. The Innova Seaker does not fold down into a small package. If you can’t wrangle 60 lbs to get it from your car trunk to the shore, consider purchasing a kayak cart to wheel it on down.

One other point: the high sides make self-rescue or any re-entry from the water to the cockpit difficult. It can be done but you will need some practice so that you are prepared if and when the time comes.

Respectable Reviews

The Innova Seaker is an excellent choice for flatwater lakes and rivers, shorelines, surf, and sea kayaking. It is not recommended for moderate to advanced whitewater. While it might not be the right inflatable kayak for many people, the current owners of the Seaker find it to be ideal for their heavy water needs. As a sea touring kayak, it stands out for durability, comfort, cargo load, and overall speed. If you want a dependable craft that can hold up against rocks or worse, the Innova Seaker inflatable kayak is the one to get. It is reasonably priced at $1,499.

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