The Innova Solar Inflatable Kayak - A Light Recreational for the Solo Paddler

The entry-level Innova Solar inflatable kayak is wide and stable, with a compact low-profile design. It is the non-bailing version of Innova’s popular Safari model.

A Look at the Kayak

The 24-pound Innova Solar inflatable kayak comes in its own airline carry-on dry bag/backpack, and features a removable tracking fin, gear hold downs, and front and rear carrying handles. It has three main chambers, plus two small bladders which serve as the backrest and footrest, but it takes only five minutes to slip the fin on the kayak and inflate the chambers.

Innova Solar Inflatable Kayak

Specifications on the Innova Solar:

  • Dimensions: 9'11" x 30"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (220 lbs)
  • Weight: 24 lbs
  • River rating: Class I
  • Packed dimensions: 18"x12"x8"
  • 2-year warranty

Note: Paddle sold separately.

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High Quality Materials & Construction

More resilient than PVC fabric, the Nitrylon and 1200-denier polyester combination on the Solar’s hull is puncture and abrasion resistant. It is the same material found on all of Innova’s winning line-up of inflatable kayaks. Nitrylon performs better in cold weather and is considerably easier to patch than PVC.

Good Feedback in Reviews

Owners rate this recreational touring kayak to be fun and easy to handle. The Innova Solar inflatable kayak comes equipped with the same size aluminum tracking fin as the Innova Sunny, and this fin should be used when paddling across any flat or open body of water. The fin allows for straight tracking and lessens the tendency for the bow to wander when paddling.

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Then, when you want to do a little ocean surfing, you can leave the fin off before you inflate the kayak, and the Solar is quick, spry, and very maneuverable.

If there are any criticisms from reviewers, they are minor: they suggest new buyers order the seat that comes with the Innova Sunny since it is higher and more comfortable, and it fits the Solar. Also, since there is no seat, just a backrest, you will be sitting on the floor of the kayak in a puddle when any water drips in. In that case, the reviews suggest that you either dress for getting wet or invest in a seat that gets you up off the floor.

Another Innova Winner

The Innova Solar is wide and safe, and ideal for beginners who need a kayak they can grow with rather than waste money on a cheap inflatable. It has enough room to fit some gear, including your fishing tackle, so it is adaptable for many uses and a lot of fun. With an MSRP of $799, the Innova Solar inflatable kayak is a Good Buy.

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