The Innova Swing I Inflatable Kayak – A Super Lightweight Watercraft

With its innovative “tubeless system,” the new Innova Swing I inflatable kayak is a bladder-free, lightweight and non-PVC, decked watercraft. When you see the price – you’ll want one!

Features of the Kayak

In addition to zippered storage compartments fore and aft of the boat, it has bungee lacing for securing gear, and a set of aluminum arch ribs to give the deck support and structure.

Specifications of the Innova Swing I inflatable kayak:

  • Dimensions: 10'6"L x 33"W
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Capacity: 1 person (220 lbs)
  • Air Chambers: 3
  • Hull fabric: LitePack™ w/Teflon® water repellent
  • Bungee deck lacing for holding gear
  • Tracking Fin
  • River Rating: Class II
  • Warranty: 2 years

Optional: Spray Skirt

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What She’s Made Of

The rigid shape of the Innova Swing I inflatable kayak is due to its cross bar design and three tubeless chambers that pump to a high pressure of 3 psi. To hold the shell in shape, two arched aluminum bars are inserted just in front of and behind the seat. The bars can also be left installed when you roll up the boat, although if you want a more compact folded size, you can take the bars out and store them with your paddles.

The hull material is PVC-free and made of a nitrylon-based LitePack™ fabric. The interior is rubber-coated which is responsible for the air retention, and the seams are vulcanized and permanently bonded. Inflation time with a manual pump is just five minutes.

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A Teflon®-treated urethane-coating on the deck helps to dispel water quickly. The bayonet valves are easy to operate: push in to inflate; push out to deflate. They have a flush profile against the hull surface so they can’t accidentally be popped open. A pressure relief valve in the floor guards against over-inflation.

According to reviews, the Swing IK handles well in flat water without the need of pedals and a rudder system. The plastic skeg on the bottom is removable and helps the kayak track straight when paddling. The stiffer 3-psi air chambers seem to provide better performance in rough water than a comparably priced PVC kayak with 2-psi bladders.

What We Say

The advanced bladder-less design of the Innova Swing I inflatable kayak keeps the weight down and the arched aluminum thwarts improve the profile and comfort of the craft. The valve-design, tracking performance, super lightweight, easy 5-minute set-up, and the appealing hard kayak-side profile of the craft make it a winner. The only drawback is that it is not versatile for taking on extended river trips, but to have it handy in your RV or the trunk of your car and serving as a rec boat, this is a fun design. At just $599, this is a decked IK you will want to add to your fleet of kayaks.

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