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For budget-minded consumers, the low cost of Intex inflatable boats means the difference between getting out on the water or staying home. For as little as $100, and the cost of a decent pump, you and three of your buddies can be floating down a river for a weekend of fun.

A Look at the Products

There are three sub-categories of Intex inflatable boats: Pool boats, Lake boats, and Marine boats.

Intex Excursion Inflatable Boat

  • Even though they are sold as a package with a set of oars, the Pool Boats are actually toys. Yet for just $25 bucks, people are willing to put these inflatables in lakes for a laugh, or for “tubing” down a river. The skin is thin and the valve is small, but for backyard use – these Intex boats are a budget saver.
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    Intex Inflatable Boats

  • The Lake Boat series include the Intex Excursion, the Challenger, and the Seahawk. Each model ranges in size from one to four-person boats and come with features such all-around grab line, grab handle on the bow, inflatable floor, welded oar locks, oar holders, gear pouch, and fishing rod holders.
  • The two Marine Boat models are the Intex Seahawk II and the Mariner. They ride waves fairly well, and are fitted with rock guards. The inflatable hull is made of two outer layers of PVC laminated to an inner layer of 1000 Denier polyester mesh.

Intex Inflatable Kayaks

Boat shoppers are surprised to learn that there are Intex inflatable kayaks on the market. Though they are not well known, these models are also budget priced at around $125 in a package that includes aluminum oars, a pump, and an inflatable seat. The cockpit is designed to be spacious but that’s the only good news. There are better kayaks out there for your money.

All of the Intex inflatable kayaks and boats feature the patented Super-Tough™ vinyl; a highly molecular PVC that resists to abrasion, and harsh elements such as UV rays, gasoline, oil, and salt water.

What Owners Say

The inflatable boat and kayak reviews on Intex products are mixed. There are numerous positive reviews on these boats to be sure, and those come from dozens of owners who take the Seahawk II or the Mariner on river rafting trips with good results. Most of the negative feedback comes from customers who have problems with shipping, or perhaps receiving a defective product right out of the box. Still others remark that the hand pump included with each boat is all but useless. As for the kayaks, they get (barely) lukewarm reviews.

What We Say

There are better alternatives to Intex inflatable boats. We recommend you study the specs on superior boats (made by Sevylor or Sea Eagle, for example) that offer Boston valves, swivel oarlocks, thicker hull material, and outstanding customer service — all for the same price or even a better price.

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Intex Seahawk Inflatable Boats - Tough 500-denier hull fabric resists abrasion, saltwater, and UV rays. Good value for the price.

Intex Excursion Inflatable Boats - Four attractive models provide great elbow room and comfort for three adults and a lot of gear. Good for quiet river floats and for lake fishing trips.

Intex Mariner Inflatable Boat - Awesome durability and comfort for a $250 boat. Solid and rigid plastic floor permits standing and casting; great for 2 or 3 adults.

Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayaks - Recommended as fun splash around boats for adults and kids to use in shallow water; far more rugged than a pool toy boat.

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Sea Eagle 124smb

Sea Eagle 124 Super Motormount
Length/Width: 12'4" x 5'6"
Capacity: 4 persons (1560 lbs)
Engine: 6 hp/74 lbs thrust electric
Warranty: 3 years

Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer
Dimensions: 14' x 3'1"
Capacity: 3 adults (855 lbs)
Warranty: 3 years


Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat

Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat
Length/Width: 14'3" x 5'11"
Capacity: 4 adults (950 lbs)
Engine: 4 hp gas
Warranty: 3 years

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