Leaky Sea Eagle

by Don
(Elizabeth, In USA)

I have had two of the < a href=http://www.allinflatableboats.net/sea-eagle-285-frameless-pontoon-boat.html>285fpb Sea Eagle models. The first one started slow leaking air on the right side in the second year. I returned it and they replaced it under the warranty. They said it had too many slow leaks to bother trying to fix. The replacement boat also started slow leaking air in the second year on the same side. When I called, they said the warranty only covered the original boat and even though I had obviously received a second defective boat, there was nothing they could do. I still use the second boat but need to repump it every couple of days and the leak is not due to change in atmospheric pressure as it only leaks on one side. So beware!! It's a nice boat for fishing, but if there is wind, you will need an anchor.

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