The Maxxon Cayman II Inflatable Kayak: Priced Less Than Leading Market Brands

The 2-person Maxxon Cayman II inflatable kayak at 11' in length works well for a short trip for two, or for longer trips for a solo traveler.

Features on the New Kayak

The Maxxon Cayman II inflatable kayak features a 2,200 Denier PVC bottom hull, I-beam floor, soft handle, bow cover, stern cover, and 2 adjustable seats. The hull color comes in your choice of blue or red.


Maxxon Cayman II Inflatable Kayak

  • Dimensions/weight: 11' x 37.4" / 33 lbs
  • Interior width: 17"
  • Tube Diameter: 10.2"
  • Capacity: 2 adults
  • Chambers: 2 + 1
  • Bow / Stern rise: 17"
  • 14 D-rings, 6 D-rings seats
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • 1 Skeg
  • Material: 840 Denier 32 oz PVC fabric
  • Floor: Inflatable I-beam
  • Two adjustable seats
  • Bellows foot pump, carry bag, repair kit
  • Warranty: 2 years

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A Look at the Kayak

The $599 Maxxon Cayman II inflatable kayak is the flagship model of the company’s fleet and its most popular kayak. The tubes are made with 2,200 Denier PVC fabric on the bottom, 840 Denier Nylon Oxford with polyurethane coating on the top, and features 25mm webbing strake on the side. Inside the tube is a K080 Polykrylar bladder, and the deluxe H3 valve is removable and replaceable. An owner’s manual and repair kit are included.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find many online kayak reviews for the Maxxon Cayman II. The price is right at $599, but it is often overlooked in favor of more prominent brand models that have been dominating the field for years. Yet when it is launched in a lake or slow flowing river, the Cayman II inflatable kayak should perform well as long as you use it with the skeg to get better tracking, and don’t overload it. There’s no max capacity listed for this Maxxon model but we would guess it would be around 500 lbs. At 11' in length, it may be a tad cramped for two adults, but it would be very comfortable for one paddler and is short enough to be maneuverable.

Take a Chance on the Cayman II?

The Maxxon Cayman II is up against some well established inflatable kayaks at this price range including several Sea Eagles such as the 340x, the AIRE Tributary Tomcat Tandem, and the Advanced Elements StraightEdge 2. However, the Cayman II has two big advantages; the $599 price is less than leading competitors that sell for around $800, and it offers a 2-year warranty. By comparison, most IKs at $600 have only a 1-year warranty, with the exception of Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks that have a 3-year warranty and 180-day money back guarantee. It may not track as well as you would like, but if price is the key selling point, and you only plan to use it a few times a year, the Maxxon Cayman II inflatable kayak is not a bad deal.

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