The Maxxon Cruiser ISUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard System

The Maxxon Cruiser ISUP inflatable standup paddleboard system gives you the versatility to paddle standing, sitting, or kneeling, but its best feature is that you can carry this 11-foot board to the beach in a 26 x 30 inches backpack. Just unpack it, unfold it, and inflate!

Comes as a Complete Kit

This system comes with a removable seat, removable tracking fins, and two foot brace positions. Accessories include a long ISUP paddle, a kayak paddle, ankle leash, double action hand pump, tote, repair kit, and manual.

Specifications of the Maxxon Cruiser ISUP inflatable standup paddleboard system:

Maxxon Cruiser ISUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard System

  • Dimensions/weight: 11' x 30" / 35 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 264 pounds
  • Two integrated twin tracking fins
  • One 10" deep water tracking fin
  • Top Material: 1100 Denier 32-oz PVC
  • Adjustable seat
  • Paddles, bellows foot pump, carry tote, repair kit
  • Warranty: 5 years

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A Look at the Paddleboard

The Maxxon Cruiser ISUP inflatable standup paddleboard system has an outer shell made with tough 1100 denier 32-ounce PVC material. It inflates with a single spring-loaded military valve that is simple to use: just twist open to inflate and twist the opposite way to deflate. With the double action hand pump (included), inflation time is about 10 minutes.

The Maxxon Cruiser kit comes with two sets of paddles. The 4-piece aluminum kayak paddle that weighs 3.2 pounds and the telescoping aluminum ISUP paddle that is in three sections. The standup paddle has a 9 x 19 inch blade with a shaft that adjusts from 74 to 82 inches.

Unlike many other models, you can attach the deep water tracking fin after you pump up the paddleboard, however, it is easier to glide the fin along the track and secure it with the locking pin before inflation.

A Fun Workout & Water Experience

Paddling while standing takes some balancing skills but the learning curve is fairly quick on these paddleboards. The Maxxon Cruiser ISUP feels stiff and rigid when inflated to 10 psi and larger adults feel no buckle in the middle of the board when they stand on it. With this kind of construction and performance it is no wonder that the reviews on this $799 inflatable paddleboard have been excellent with most users remarking how pleasantly surprised and pleased they are with their purchase. While not as fast as a hard paddleboard, the breakdown and portability make it an ideal craft for putting in the water anytime, anywhere. The Maxxon Cruiser ISUP inflatable standup paddleboard system provides a good workout on flat water and in gentle surf but it is not for touring, day trips, and river running that regular inflatable kayaks are designed for.

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