The Maxxon Express II Inflatable Kayak System – A Quality Portable Watercraft

Easy to use and fun, the 11-foot Maxxon Express II inflatable kayak system includes everything you need for your first portable go-anywhere boat.

A Look at the Craft

This kayak comes with two Cannon Cascade 230cm aluminum kayak paddles, a bellows foot pump, repair kit, and the carry tote. The kayak features integrated paddle holders, d-rings and straps with quick clips to hold the seats, bungee deck lacing for securing cargo, and four rubber handles for easy handling.

Maxxon Express II Inflatable Kayak System

Specifications of the Maxxon Express II inflatable kayak:

  • Dimensions/weight: 11' x 37.8" / 35 lbs
  • Capacity: 2 adults
  • Load Capacity: 440 pounds
  • Chambers: 2 + 1
  • Top Material: 840 Denier
  • Two adjustable seats
  • Warranty: 5 years

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Quality Construction

Materials used on the Maxxon Express II inflatable kayak system include inner bladders made of K-80 polykrylar, while the outside upper fabric is 840-denier nylon oxford with a polyurethane coating. The bottom is reinforced with a strong 2200 denier PVC supported fabric.

For safety and convenience, there are two recessed Boston valves on the main chambers and one on the floor. This model has a single drain plug located behind the seat in a pooling well so that water drains out quickly from the shallow cockpit, which has 6 inch sides. With this design, paddlers can stay dry without having to sit in water collecting on the floor of cockpit. Also, with this low profile, it is easy to re-enter from the water making it a good diving platform

Other features of the Maxxon Express II include built-in foam coaming around the seating well, and there are three seating positions so the boat can be paddled tandem or solo. Taller adults will especially like this model for solo padding. There are mesh pockets and water bottle holders located on the backs of the two stiff high-back seats.

There’s a Lot Here to Like

Most customer reviews say this kayak is best for use on slow rivers, calm water, and mild ocean surf. While it has a drain plug, this is not a self-bailing model and shouldn’t be used in fast water. The removable fin helps the kayak track straight on flat water for easier paddling. Like all Maxxon boats, the Express is a very attractive watercraft that is sure to turn some heads when you put it in the water. At $649, the Maxxon Express II inflatable kayak system offers solid quality in a complete kit.

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