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First impressions of Maxxon inflatable boats and kayaks will have you thinking these are good value products offered at competitive prices. And you would be right. These well-made products live up to that promise of trust and confidence in the workmanship and materials.

A Look at the Fleet

Based in Kent, Washington, Evergoing Products is the manufacturer of Maxxon inflatable boats and kayaks, dinghies, rafts, as well as water toys such as banana boats and a water trampoline. The fleet was expanded to include new designs in inflatable kayaks and self-bailing river rafts. The featured products include:

Maxxon Inflatable Kayak

  • Maxxon Cayman II Inflatable Kayak – A nice budget priced IK, backed by a 2-year warranty, that is fortified with 2,200 Denier PVC fabric on the bottom of the tubes.
  • Maxxon 2 man Inflatable Kayak – This affordable tandem IK comes in either a self-bailing model or a convertible self-bailing/non self-bailing style. If you need a multi-purpose IK that costs less than $1000, this “convertible” could be the one.
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    Maxxon Inflatable River Rafts

  • Maxxon Inflatable River Rafts - Capable of carrying 8 to 10 people, the two new models for 2010 are the SB-380 at 12'8" and the SB-430 at 14'3". They feature an extra thick 3200 Denier fabric on the bottom for added protection against abrasion and punctures.
  • Maxxon Inflatable Sport Boats

  • Maxxon Inflatable Sport Boats – These air floor boats come in lengths from 7'6" up to 13'9", with max engine capacity from 5 hp to 30 hp. The inflatable v-keel assures that you’ll have plenty of fun getting up on plane moving from island to island or just ship to shore.

All boats come with complete kits including seat(s), oars or paddles, high-pressure air pump, patch kit, and manual – everything you need to get out on the water in a matter of minutes.

Excellent Warranty & Reputation

The Pacific Coast Company has been around for a long time and is regarded by industry insiders as established makers of quality inflatable boats and water products. If you’ve caught some reviews on Maxxon products written by dealers and boaters, you probably discovered that the company has a good reputation for workmanship. With the exception of the budget Cayman II kayak, all of the boats are backed with an excellent 5-year bow-to-stern warranty.

Motivating Prices

While they aren’t easy to find on the internet, these mid-priced PVC boats are worth investigating for their affordability and durability. Maxxon inflatable boats and kayaks are impressive – solid quality for the price and pleasing performance. You will enjoy many years of reliable use from a Maxxon.

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Maxxon Cayman II Kayak - The 2-person Cayman II at 11' in length works well for a short trip for two, or for longer trips for a solo traveler.

Maxxon 2-Man Self-Bailing Kayak - A durable craft for a solo traveler taking a multi-day float; roomy enough for two with some light gear for a day trip.

Maxxon Express II Kayak - A very attractive go-anywhere portable IK that is sure to turn some heads when you put it in the water. Best for use on slow rivers and in calm water.

Maxxon Cruiser ISUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard - Carry it to the beach in a 26" x 30" backpack, unpack it, unfold it, and inflate! Paddle it standing, sitting, or kneeling.

Maxxon Inflatable River Rafts - 8-10 person self-bailing rafts for fishing, tendering, family fun, or whitewater river running; built with performance and safety in mind.

Maxxon Inflatable Sports Boats - An excellent choice for tendering, weekend family fun, and lake fishing. An affordable alternative to expensive Zodiac inflatables; Coast Guard certified.

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