Maxxon Inflatable Sports Boats: Find One to Suit Your Budget

The Maxxon inflatable sports boats are hand sealed at the seams, feature comfortable air floors, and come with one of the best warranties in the business. From dinghy duty to leisure boat fishing adventures, these Maxxon inflatables are ready for launch.

A Look at the Boats

Prices on the seven sports models run from $799 for the 7'6" 2-man craft up to $1,799 for the 13'9" 10-person boat. All Maxxon inflatable sports boats come with a high-pressure air floor (standard) or you can opt to order a polyurethane sealed solid floor.

Maxxon Inflatable Sport Boats

Key Features:

  • Inflatable V-keel
  • Stainless steel D-rings
  • Oars, oarlocks, bench seat, foot pump, boat bag, repair kit
  • Warranty: 5 years seam separation & fabric; 1 year workmanship

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Specs of the Maxxon Sports Boats

Model Length x Beam Max. Persons Max. Engine Net Weight
CS-230 7'6" x 4'3" 3 5 hp 57 lbs
CS-270 8'9" x 4'11" 4 10 hp 86 lbs
CS-300 9'10" x 4'11" 5 15 hp 90 lbs
CS-330 10'10" x 4'11" 6 15 hp 99 lbs
CS-360 11'9" x 5'6" 7 25 hp 132 lbs
CS-390 12'9" x 5'6" 9 25 hp 143 lbs
CS-420 13'9" x 6'11" 10 30 hp 150 lbs

Good Handling and Stability

All Maxxon inflatable sports boats are made of multi-layer construction: 1000 denier fabric with PVC coating on each side and rated at 77-lb tear strength. The seams are sealed with a three-layer cold gluing process. The inner baffles keep the air bladders completely sealed, and have a flexible design that works to equalize air pressure between cone parts. The inflatable V-keel provides superior directional control, quick responsive handling, and maneuverability. Easy to clean and stow, these rugged boats should last for 10 years or more.

Other features of Maxxon inflatable boats include a reinforced motor mount, aluminum transom pad, double solid rubber strakes, durable SS D-rings, FRP handles, FRP oar locks, and secure lifelines. Also included in the kit are a boat bag, set of aluminum oars, high PSI foot pump, bench seat, repair kit, and manual.

Maxxon has been around for a long time but you may not have read many reviews or heard much about the company since they are more prominent in their home state of Washington. Nevertheless, the Maxxon CS Series is sold for use all over the world, and the inflatable sport boats are U.S. Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard, and European Coast Guard Certified.

Performance & Durability

Based on the quality and affordable price, Maxxon inflatable sports boats are an excellent choice for tendering, weekend family fun, and lake fishing. If a Saturn, Avon, or Zodiac is out of your price range, think about the good-looking Maxxon fleet as an affordable alternative.

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