Mercury Air Deck Inflatable Boats: Look! No Floorboards!

You want ease and portability, and Mercury Air Deck inflatable boats have the right boat at the right cost. With more choices in lengths, passenger capacity, and hull fabric, these general-purpose boats are idea for family outings or ship-to-shore tendering.

A Look at the Boats

Mercury Air Deck inflatable boats come in your choice of PVC or Hypalon hull with four sizes available. Designed to be rugged and portable, a Mercury inflatable boat can be folded up, put into a storage bag, and stowed in a boat locker, trunk, or closet. Prices range from $1,369 to $2,799.

Mercury 240 Air Deck Inflatable Boat

Specs of the Mercury 240 Air Deck:

  • Length: 7'10"
  • Capacity: 1,058 lbs (3 persons)
  • Max engine wt/horsepower: 66 lbs, 6hp
  • Hull Weight: 75 lbs
  • Hull material: PVC or Hypalon

Specs of the Mercury 270 Air Deck:

  • Length: 8'10"
  • Capacity: 1,202 lbs (3+1 persons)
  • Max engine wt/horsepower: 99 lbs, 10hp
  • Hull Weight: 86 lbs
  • Hull material: PVC or Hypalon

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Mercury 310 Air Deck Inflatable Boat

Specs of the Mercury 310 Air Deck:

  • Length: 10'2"
  • Capacity: 1,400 lbs (4 persons)
  • Max engine wt/horsepower: 121 lbs, 15hp
  • Hull Weight: 103 lbs
  • Hull material: PVC or Hypalon

Mercury 340 Air Deck Inflatable Boat

Specs of the Mercury 340 Air Deck:

  • Length: 11'2"
  • Capacity: 1,477 lbs (5 persons)
  • Max engine wt/horsepower: 121 lbs, 15hp
  • Hull Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hull material: PVC or Hypalon

Note: The Hypalon boats have a 10-year warranty, and the economical PVC boats are backed by a 5-year warranty. The AirDeck ® floor has a one-year warranty.

A Choice of Better or Best

The Mercury Air Deck inflatable boats feature a beam width of 5'0", an air keel, three separate internal air chambers, 16" tube diameter, a tube pressure of 3.6psi (0.25 bar), extra-wide protective rub strake, and a one-way drain. The ABS-coated transom can handle a 4-stroke motor, up to 15hp on the 210 and 340 models.

The PVC hulls are constructed with thermo-welded (not glued) seams for extra durability. The Hypalon models have a much thicker fabric than is offered on competitor’s boats. With Mercury, you get a premium-quality fabric that provides resistance to damage and abrasions in extreme conditions as well as protection against hydrocarbons, flame, ultraviolet light and fading.

The Air Floor

The new high-pressure X-stitched air floor in all models of the Mercury Air Deck inflatable boats weighs as much as 25 percent lighter than inflatables with wooden flooring. In addition, the X-stitched fibers gives the floor up to 50 percent more rigidity than other inflatable air floors, which means that five passengers in the 340 model will feel stable even when standing up and moving around. Whether you are kneeling to paddle or just sitting on the floor reading, this air-filled floor is exceptionally comfortable.

The air floor design also makes these Air Deck inflatable boats lightweight and easy to carry. On the water, passengers will find the craft very buoyant with a low center of gravity, and offering very little draft. Your family or guests will stay dry too thanks to the double teardrop rub-strake that helps reduce splashing.

Everything in the Bag

Each of the Mercury Air Deck inflatable boats comes with everything you need right in the handy storage/carry bag. Standard features include a set of 2-piece aluminum oars, fold-down locking oar system, removable wood rowing seat a bow handle, molded carry handles, towing bridle D-Rings on the port and starboard sides, lifelines, and a repair kit. With a length, capacity, and price that’s just right for your lifestyle, these all-purpose boats are a Good Buy and are backed by an excellent name in marine products.

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