Mercury Roll-Up Inflatable Boats: Tendering Affordable Fun

The affordable Mercury Roll-Up inflatable boats come in two sizes and feature an air floor for great comfort, and a transom for mounting a small engine. One of these lightweight tenders can be rolled out, inflated, and launched in minutes.

A Look at the Boats

Accessories sold with these gray PVC boats include a dual-action air pump, repair kit, high-quality aluminum-shaft oars, and storage/carry bag. Mercury Roll-Up inflatable boats are backed by a 5-year warranty on the PVC hull material. Prices range from around $830 to $1,065.

Mercury 200 Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

Specs of the Mercury 200 Roll-Up Boat:

  • Length: 6'7"
  • Beam Width: 3'11"
  • Tube Diameter: 13"
  • Capacity: 507 lbs (2-person)
  • Tube Pressure PSI/Bar – 3.6 / 0.25
  • Recommended motor: 2.5/3.5hp
  • Hull Weight: 46 lbs

Mercury 240 Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

Specs of the $1,065 Mercury 240 Roll-Up Boat:

  • Length: 7'10"
  • Beam Width: 4'7"
  • Tube Diameter: 14"
  • Capacity: 694 lbs (3-person)
  • Tube Pressure PSI/Bar – 3.6 / 0.25
  • Recommended motor: 4/5hp
  • Hull Weight: 62 lbs

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Superior Construction and Design

Each of the Mercury Roll-Up inflatable boats has 2 separate air chambers, a slot floor, Quick-Lift™ end cones for improved performance, and an ABS-coated transom that not only protects against water infiltration; it will guard against dings and scratches from mounting a small outboard motor. Another cool feature is the lightweight but very stable slat floorboards. Since they don’t have to be removed when storing the boat, they help make this the ideal “roll-up” boat.

PVC is an exceptional material – rugged, tough, and UV resistant – that helps to keep the price down. Furthermore, the thermo-welding process used on the seams offers many advantages over conventional hand gluing, a cheaper construction process found in other PVC boats. Like the inflatable boats made by top competitors such as Zodiac and Walker Bay, Mercury Roll-Up inflatables have heat weld seams; a process in which multiple layers of the PVC fabric are bonded by hot air at a specific melting point. The result is a seam that is stronger than the fabric itself.

Mercury, best known for its outboard motors, suggests up to a 5hp four-stroke engine for the 240 model, the larger of the two Roll-Ups. An ideal match for the inflatables, Mercury also offers outboard motors with tiller steering that rotates 360 degrees and offer a twist grip throttle for convenient one-handed control.

No Need for Speed

If just getting there in style and comfort is your plan, then the Mercury Roll-up inflatable boats are a good choice for work as a tender or dinghy. They easily handle a small engine and are ideal for flat water travel when there’s no need for speed. With its comfortable rowing and seating, this classy tender feels right in any harbor. Store it in your trunk or boat locker and it will be easy to set up and launch in minutes – perfect for exploring coves or taking a picnic to a secluded beach.

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