The Newport Catalina Inflatable Boat – The Largest Model in the Fleet

The 12' 6" Newport Catalina inflatable boat offers great comfort, a large payload capacity up to 1,600 pounds, an inflatable keel, and can be powered by a 20 hp O/B motor.

A Look at the Craft

The accessories include a storage bag, foot pump, repair kit, aluminum oars with oar-locks, 2 removable bench seats, towing D-rings, carry handles, transom, and an aluminum interior motor pad.

Basic specifications of the Newport Catalina:

Newport Catalina Inflatable Boat

  • Inflated Size: 12' 6" x 5' 9"
  • Tube Diameter: 18"
  • Max Capacity: 6 persons (1,603 lbs)
  • Hull weight: 155 lbs
  • Chambers: 4 + 1
  • Material: 1100 Denier PVC
  • Floor: Marine coated Aluminum Framed Plywood
  • Motor capacity: up to 20 hp
  • USCG rated
  • Unique & original Hull ID/HIN numbers for registration
  • Limited Warranty: 2 years

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High Quality PVC/Polyester

Newport Catalina Inflatable

The base material used on the Newport Catalina inflatable boat is 0.9mm/1100-denier triple-coated PVC-coated on the outside with a polyester interior, the same strength used on whitewater rafts. Other features include a high-pressure inflatable keel for improved performance, a roomy interior for up to 6 people, and large 18" tubes for great stability. Mounted with a 20 horsepower outboard on a 15" shaft, the boat can come up on plane and reach speeds up to 26 mph.

The wood floor slat design offers a durable platform for hauling passengers, fishing while standing, or using the vessel as a diving platform. The durable coated plywood provides additional protection against sunlight, fuel, and oil, and you won’t have to worry about dropping a hook and puncturing an inflated air floor. The only drawback is that a hard floor doesn’t offer the quick set-up and take-down of an air floor boat, but it is certainly better than an aluminum slat floor that gets hot to the touch in the summer sun.

A Good Choice at the Right Price

Overall, the Newport Catalina inflatable boat gets good reviews from happy owners who have taken it on trips on lakes and on the ocean in different types of conditions. The tough material is resistant to harsh sunlight, chemical spills, and abrasions from dragging the boat over pebbled beaches. At 155 pounds and 12' 6", this 6-person craft is the largest of Newport’s affordable fleet of boats. The Catalina sports boat has a retail price of $1,399, but can be found online on sale for as low as $1,050. At that price, it’s a great deal.

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