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The fleet of Newport inflatable boats are attractive and affordable with an ideal selection of popular sizes plus two floor options. There is bound to be a boat by Newport that fits your needs.

About the Boats

Offering excellent performance, reliability, and comfort, Newport inflatable boats range in size from 8'10" to 12'6", haul from 3 to 6 people, and come with either a lightweight Air Mat floor or an aluminum-framed marine hardwood floor.

The 8' 10" wood floor Dana and the 9' air floor Seascape are the most affordable dinghies at just $749 each. The 9' 6" Del Mar, 11'9" Baja, and the 12' 6" Catalina are all wood floor models ranging in price from $800 to $1050. The 9' air floor Seascape, Newport’s best-selling model, is popular with larger boat owners who need an attractive tender for ship-to-shore trips.

Newport Inflatable Boats

Accessories included with all boats include a carry case/storage bag, repair kit, foot pump, a set of collapsible aluminum oars, and the bench seat – over $150 worth of stuff. You also get the paperwork necessary for easy and hassle free DMV registration. In addition, the boats have a 2-year limited warranty, and come with instructions on how to register your craft with Newport within 30 days to be eligible for warranty privileges.

How They Are Constructed

Newport Inflatables

Each Newport boat is made with 1,100 denier base fabric with a triple-layer PVC coating to protect against abrasions and weather elements, plus oversized 18" tubes for incredible stability, low profile Halkey valves, and a high-pressure inflatable keel for responsiveness when banking, turning, and getting the boat up on plane. A heavy duty transom is installed on each boat to attach an electric trolling motor or an outboard motor up to 10 hp (20 hp on the Catalina). The design of the boats allows them to jump on plane quickly, and the low weight of the craft mean you can get by with a smaller O/B motor.

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Newport Inflatables Flooring

The drop-stitch high-pressure Air Mat floors make the Santa Cruz and Seascape boats substantially lighter than their wood floor counterparts. The two air floor models are perfect for people who need a dinghy on frequent occasions where they can set up and launch in about 5 minutes. The four sizes of hard floor boats offer firmer platforms for scuba diving and casting while fishing, as well hauling supplies and gear to an anchored sailboat or yacht.

What the Customers Say

Reviews by current owners of Newport inflatable boats indicate that not only did the crafts meet or exceed their expectations, the customer service by this California company was also impressive. While the quality won’t beat a Zodiac, you will save a ton of money and enjoy your time on the water just as much in a Newport. With six models to choose from, as well as additional accessories for sale such as boat covers, Bimini tops, and launch wheels, Newport offers affordable prices on reliable and durable dinghies and tenders.

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Newport Baja - Rated high for its performance, storage capacity, design, and construction; a seaworthy boat for diving, tendering, and exploring beaches and hidden coves.

Newport Catalina - The 12' 6" Catalina offers great comfort, a large payload capacity up to 1,600 pounds, an inflatable keel, and can be powered by a 20 hp O/B motor.

Newport Dana - The Newport Dana inflatable boat sports a high-pressure inflatable keel, large 18 inch tubes, and a heavy duty hard floor – a combination that makes it a dream tender at an attractive price.

Newport Del Mar - A quality lightweight salt and freshwater dinghy with large tubes for stability and a hard floor for better handling and performance.

Newport Santa Cruz - A good choice for use as a versatile dinghy, small runabout, or life raft; 25% lighter than the Del Mar.

Newport Seascape - The 9' Seascape is the company’s best-selling model. It has a comfortable air floor deck and can be set-up or broken down in about 5 minutes.

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Capacity: 4 persons (1560 lbs)
Engine: 6 hp/74 lbs thrust electric
Warranty: 3 years

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Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak

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Warranty: 3 years


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