The NRS Cataraft Fishing Package – A Versatile Craft

The NRS Cataraft Fishing Package sports the company’s Cat Fish Frame with two seat mounts. On a wild river or a calm lake, this is a good craft for most any fishing expedition.

Features of the Cataraft

This cat includes two 10' Carlisle Oars with 6.5" Outfitter blades, 16 D-rings, 6 EasyCarry™ handles (3 per tube), 16 tie down straps, and a repair kit.

Specifications of the NRS Cataraft Fishing Package include:

NRS Cataraft Fishing Package

  • 16' River Cataraft
  • 72" x 120" Cat Fish Frame
  • Action Swivel Seat
  • Air Chambers: 6
  • Tube Diameter: 25"
  • Kick/rocker (bow/stern): 25"
  • Wt/denier Tube fabric: 41/1100
  • Wt/denier Floor fabric: 48/1670
  • Leafield C-7 Valves
  • Cat Anchor Mount
  • 4-ft cat floor, 6-ft cat floor
  • Also included are Oar Rights, Sleeves and Locks
  • Warranty: 10 years retail, 5 years commercial

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Materials Used

The air tubes that provide the foundation of the NRS Cataraft Fishing Package are made from 41 oz. per square yard, 1100-denier Pennel Orca fabric with additional wear patches on the top of the tubes to protect the hull from the frame. Each tube has three separate air chambers with Leafield C-7 valves.

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The aluminum frame is fitted with a foot bar, seat bar, high back seat, swivel seat bar, action fishing seat, and a pair of oar mounts. These durable frames can be completely broken down for transport on a bush plane for fly-in treks, and are made to be maintenance free and rust free. Together with the River cat tubes, they form a versatile fishing cataraft that hauls a lot of gear for multi-day floats.

Users give NRS boats fairly positive reviews when giving a general opinion of the crafts, but they score less when comparing NRS cats to Aire cats. You will find that Aire catarafts are easier to portage when sliding over rocks, beach, and fallen trees due to the PVC hull versus the Pennel Orca (post-hypalon) hull on the River cat which is not as slippery. On the other hand, the Pennel Orca is easier to roll up and store in a plane or truck.

This is a great design for heavy payloads and a slow and steady trip. However, the blunt bow and flatter rocker design will plow through water and cause a lot of splash once you add an outboard; this is a boat designed for fishing and floating, not whitewater running.

What We Say

The NRS Cataraft Fishing Package is $4,670 outfitted as described above. The 16' River Cataraft is $2550 alone. In comparison, you can buy an Aire Lion 16' Cataraft ($2,706) which has 4 air chambers (two in each tube) versus the additional work of filling the 6 air chambers in the NRS. With the Aire, you can choose from several frames to rig out the boat the way you want. There are advantages to both the NRS and the Aire, with the general nod finally going to Aire tubes, which have bladders and can be easier to repair on a remote river bank should the need ever arise, and the increased rocker profile which will handle better than the blunt-nosed NRS.

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