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A fleet of tough boats is what you will find with NRS inflatable boats and kayaks, which is one of the most respected names in paddle sports. In the business for almost 40 years, this U.S. company has earned several awards for their quality boats.

A Love for Running Rivers

The initials NRS stand for Northwest River Supply. Bill Parks of Eugene, Oregon, a kayaker who wanted to build budget boats in order to allow more people to experience the thrill of being on the water, founded NRS in 1972. Parks says of his goals:

I have always been a budget boater, and NRS was founded to provide quality equipment without wiping out the wallet. We haven’t lost that edge, although some people sometimes ask why we don’t charge more for our products. The answer is simple: we didn’t get into this business to get rich or to satisfy investors – we’re here because we love running rivers.

The company began manufacturing inflatable boats in 1979 and continues today as a family-run business. They make a variety of products including float tubes, river boards, and accessories, and they are best known for the quality line of NRS inflatable rafts boats and kayaks that can be used by paddlers in many types of water – not just on rivers.

The Core Group of Boats

NRS Inflatable Rafts

The top line of NRS inflatable rafts are priced between $3300 for a 12' self-bailing river runner, and go up to $6500 for the 18' Expedition Series. One popular raft in this line is the NRS E-132D, featuring a diminishing tube design, which was awarded a Gear of the Year Award from Outside Magazine in 2009. The company also makes smaller Livery™ rafts starting at 9'6" long, perfect for fishing.

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NRS Inflatable Catarafts The NRS inflatable catarafts include the 14' and 16' River Cat™ pontoon boats, as well as 16' and 18' long Kodiaks for bigger payloads and bigger water.

The line of NRS inflatable kayaks offers two exciting series including the MaverIK and the Bandit, both in solo and tandem models. The Bandit features a new ultra-light material – Pennel 840 denier nylon with urethane coating. In fact, the Bandit II is the lightest tandem on the market at just 27½ pounds. The company also makes Riken inflatable kayaks – the Seminole I and II.

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Worth the Money

NRS Inflatable Kayaks

Although serious kayakers are more inclined to go with a more expensive brand of kayak such as Aire, recreational paddlers who are out only a few times each summer are pleased to have a quality alternative that saves them a ton of money. NRS inflatable boats and kayaks have a solid reputation for customer service, rugged construction, up-to-date technology, and an unabashed love for river running. Kayak dealers have no problem recommending them as a value-driven economical boat.

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Kayak Reviews

NRS MaverIK - Stable and comfortable with great maneuverability. Intended for all-water use, they excel in flat and calm water; great for beginner and intermediate paddlers.

NRS Bandit - Very lightweight, easy to lift, fold up smaller than PVC IKs. The Solo Bandit I and Tandem Bandit II have a lot of rocker room, which makes them a blast as river play boats.

NRS Pike Fishing IK - The NRS Pike features a rigid self-bailing floor for the serious angler who wants a compact and portable craft for a variety of fishing needs.

NRS Rascal - A fun boat with a shorter waterline and high rocker angles. A nice design for kids or small adults.

NRS RIKEN Seminole I - Earned kudos as being one of the more chemical, abrasion, and UV resistant IKs you can find on the market. Fairly light at 39 lbs; backed by a 10-year warranty.

Raft Reviews

NRS Expedition Rafts - Designed for professional outfitters, made for serious whitewater trips.

NRS Otter Rafts - Self-bailing floors offer durability and reliability in a wide and stable design; a better value for casual users.

NRS Revolution Rafts - If you are looking to save a little money but still want a rugged raft that goes on real river adventures for anywhere from 4-8 paddlers, the R-series rafts are an excellent choice.

NRS Otter Livery Rafts - Ideal for lakes and lazy rivers – any fishing or slow rafting situation where you don’t want water inside. The materials and construction used on the Livery series oozes quality.

Cataraft Reviews

NRS River Catarafts - Very stable and maneuverable, even when loaded with a lot of gear for an extended river trip. Superior to an inflatable raft, especially for a solo paddler.

NRS Kodiak Catarafts - Kodiak Catarafts offer solid construction and key features that can handle any kind of water. Portable pro boats with an affordable price and a big 10-year warranty.

NRS Cataraft Fishing Package - The NRS Cataraft Fishing Package sports the company’s Cat Fish Frame with two seat mounts. On a wild river or a calm lake, this is a good craft for most any fishing expedition.

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Inflatable Boats

Sea Eagle 124smb

Sea Eagle 124 Super Motormount
Length/Width: 12'4" x 5'6"
Capacity: 4 persons (1560 lbs)
Engine: 6 hp/74 lbs thrust electric
Warranty: 3 years

Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer
Dimensions: 14' x 3'1"
Capacity: 3 adults (855 lbs)
Warranty: 3 years


Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat

Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat
Length/Width: 14'3" x 5'11"
Capacity: 4 adults (950 lbs)
Engine: 4 hp gas
Warranty: 3 years

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