NRS Kodiak Catarafts – Designed for Big Water

If you have a big river in mind, the NRS Kodiak Catarafts are portable pro boats with an affordable price and a big 10-year warranty. Whatever type of fishing or adventure you pursue on small or large lakes, wilderness rivers or inland bays, the Kodiaks offer solid construction and key features that can handle any kind of the water.

A Look at the Rafts

These raft designs come with 16 stainless steel 2" D-rings (8 per tube), 6 EasyCarry™ handles (3 per tube), and Leafield™ C7 valves. The tube diameter is 28" with a kick/rocker (bow/stern) profile of 27". The retail warranty on NRS Kodiak Catarafts is 10 years; the commercial warranty is 5 years. Frames and oars are sold separately.

NRS Kodiak Catarafts

Features/specs on the NRS 16' Kodiak Cataraft:

  • Length: 16'
  • Max Frame Length: 120"
  • Weight: 87 lbs
  • Hull colors: Blue, Red, or Dark Green
  • Price: $2,875

NRS Catarafts - Factory Direct

Features/specs on the NRS 18' Kodiak Cataraft:

  • Length: 18'
  • Max Frame Length: 144"
  • Weight: 92 lbs
  • Hull colors: Blue or Red
  • Price: $3,225

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Construction on the Kodiaks

The Pennel Orca material used on NRS Kodiak Catarafts is a combination of 1100-denier 41-oz weight on the tubes, and 1670-denier 48-oz weight on the floor. NRS includes extended Pennel Orca wear patches on the tops of the tubes to accommodate frames up to 12' long. Each tube has three separate air chambers for floatation in case one chamber is deflated unexpectedly. This is a nice safety feature that you will appreciate if you ever happen to need it and you are in the wilderness miles away from your vehicle or cabin.

You can select from five frames with seats for the NRS inflatable catamarans, including the Alley Cat, Cat Fish, Fat Cat, Top Cat, and the Universal Frame. Depending on your needs for overnight trips down very long rivers, the frames offer great flexibility: including one or more seat mounts, foot bars, oar mounts, and rigging to carry gear and coolers.

For Working the Wild and Scenic Rides

When you read reviews on the NRS Kodiak Catarafts you quickly get the idea that these inflatable catamarans are designed for big water, not gentle fishing – though they will work for that type of outing too. Because of their agility, they are suitable for a variety of water conditions including serious whitewater on a river with interesting corners and holes. If you are in the market for a go-to gear raft to follow your kayaking group on multi-day adventures, the Kodiak Cats are an expert choice.

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