NRS MaverIK Inflatable Kayaks – Used by Professional Outfitters

NRS MaverIK inflatable kayaks are all-around recreational kayaks for calm waters. They are suitable for all ages and skill levels in both their solo and tandem models. In fact, professional outfitters are so impressed with MaverIKs that they put their clients and guests in them.

A Look at the Kayaks

NRS MaverIK inflatable kayaks are good looking crafts made of quality materials including French Pennel hypalon fabric and superior British-made Leafield valves. A repair kit is included. Paddler skill level: beginner to intermediate.

NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak NRS MaverIK I Inflatable Kayak

Specs of the MaverIK I Solo Inflatable Kayak ($1,395):

  • Length: 9'9"
  • Beam Width: 35.5"
  • Tube Diameter: 11"
  • Kick/Rocker: 18"
  • Overall Weight: 33 lbs
  • Colors: Red or Blue

Specs of the MaverIK II Tandem Inflatable Kayak ($1,495):

NRS Inflatable Kayaks - Factory Direct

NRS MaverIK II Inflatable Kayak

  • Length: 12'5"
  • Beam Width: 35.5"
  • Tube Diameter: 11"
  • Kick/Rocker: 18"
  • Overall Weight: 46 lbs
  • Colors: Red, Blue, or White

Recommended Accessories: thigh straps

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Quality Materials and Construction

Looking closer at the specs on the NRS MaverIK inflatable kayaks, you will find 4 air chambers in the MaverIK I (5 in the tandem MaverIK II), bow and stern handles, a single I-beam self-bailing floor, and two thwarts (air-filled tubes spanning the width of the kayak). The pillow-style thwarts can be used as seat-backs or footholds.

The 1100 denier, 41-oz hypalon fabric in the tubes and floor will last forever and offer superior protection against abrasion and weather, which is why the boats are generously backed by a 10-year warranty.

The tandem MaverIK II inflatable kayak is a two-person model that is identical to the solo kayak except that it is longer and can take a heavier payload. Larger individuals may want to invest in the tandem model for this reason. The NRS MaverIK II will also track better because of the added length.

Better for Touring than Whitewater Thrills

While both models are intended for all-water use, they excel in flat and calm water rather than the rough stuff where its lower draft can get it hung up on underwater rocks. The MaverIK design makes them stable and comfortable with great maneuverability, and they are easy in terms of exit and entry. Beginner and intermediate paddlers will be well satisfied with the performance and quality of NRS MaverIK inflatable kayaks. While these models aren’t the best general purpose kayaks on the market at this price level, they are solid performers and will give you years of reliable use.

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