The Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat – Quick to Inflate and Launch

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The Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat is an ultra-buoyant, fast response craft that is designed specifically for water-related emergencies in severe weather, providing exceptional performance year after year. In other words, you won’t find a safer, better-constructed craft than the RDC.

A Look at the Craft

This Rapid Deployment Craft (“RDC”) comes loaded with accessories including two paddles, air fill manifold (AFM), tow strap assembly, repair kit and a carrying bag.

Specifications of the Oceanid Swiftwater Rescue Boat:

Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat

  • Dimensions/weight: 15'4" x 48" / 50 lbs
  • Floor Length: 8'
  • Access Holes: 22" x 40"
  • Load Capacity: >2000+ pounds
  • Chambers: 3
  • Tube Diameter: 12"
  • Fabric: 35 oz. PU/PVC
  • 3 Air Fill Valves, 3 Pressure Relief Valves, AFM hose
  • Two 9' carbon fiber paddles (in 3' sections)
  • Warranty: 5 years

A Modern Design for Rescue Service

The Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat is made with the most durable fabric used in the industry. It has a PU/PVC/polyester alloy in the fabric with a urethane coating to withstand extreme heat and cold conditions. The seams are welded (not glued) for full strength construction.

Oceanid RDC Inflatable Rescue Boat

The RDC uses an air fill manifold hose attached to a SCBA tank or other source of compressed air for quick inflation of about one minute. The craft is filled to operational pressure when one or more of the pressure relief valves begin to discharge excess air. When you remove the AFM, the poppets in the valve close by spring tension, ensuring exact inflation.

The 8' I-Beam floor inflates to a hard, sturdy platform that is ideal for rescue situations. The unique open bow and stern design allows for rapid self-bailing from the deck, and provides two entry points to the open floor with no need to climb over a large side tube to get in. In fact, the extreme rockered (upturned) bow allows the boat to be driven over a victim who can then be pulled quickly and safely onto the floor platform.

This exceptional inflatable rescue boat cannot be swamped by waves, is resistant to flipping, and tows well as a “sled” behind a personal watercraft (“jet ski”) or across snow behind a snowmobile. This means the RDC can double as a litter for an injured patient. Because of its elevated floor and high rocker profile with only the tubes touching the surface, there is less drag across the snow than with a traditional sled.

Built for Lasting Duty

Reviews on the Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat have been exceptional thanks to the tough construction and its versatility when dealing with any emergency response in all conditions. In floods with debris fields, mud, silt, high weeds, and moderate ocean surf conditions, the RDC is the non-motorized tool of choice for many professionals who need a reliable craft that is convenient to store, quick to inflate and launch, and can be returned to the water for hundreds of rescues and training deployments. For any emergency response unit in need of first-rate equipment, the Oceanid RDC Swiftwater Rescue Boat is well worth the cost and will last for a decade or more with proper care.

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