The Outcast Fish Cat 13: A Fishing Raft for Inaccessible Places

The Outcast Fish Cat 13 can get you to those fishing hot spots in stream inlets, lakes, rivers, slack water, and high weeds, or at those times when you are reading the water and see that stripers are at the surface, just waiting to inspect your bait.

A Look at the Craft

At $1,999, the Outcast Fish Cat 13 comes with an aluminum frame and AireCell PVC pontoons. The 2-person inflatable fishing boat has an integrated anchor system and motor mount feature, as well as standard oars. The Fish Cat 13 has a 5-year warranty on all welded seams and construction.

Basic specifications of the pontoon boat:

Outcast Fish Cat 13

  • Inflated Size: 13' x 65"
  • Tube Diameter: 20"
  • Capacity: 750 lbs
  • Hull weight: 170 lbs
  • Frame: 11-piece aluminum
  • Material: 31/31 oz/sq. yard
  • Top/Bottom Fabric: 900 PVC/1200 PVC
  • AireCell Material: Vinyl
  • Seam Construction: Sewn
  • Air Valves: 2 Summit
  • 8' two-piece oars
  • Color: Blue

Accessories available: fly rod holders, 20-lb anchor & rope, seat saddlebags, deluxe cargo carriers, oar stop, and more.

It is highly recommended that you upgrade your Fish Cat 13 to include the casting platform, two padded & folding seats, swivel bases, and add the seat caddy that will hold your beer or coffee mug.

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Durability and Performance

This inflatable pontoon boat is constructed with 900 / 1200 denier PVC fabric covering two 20 "vinyl air cells. A new feature is the improved one-way Summit valves that offer piece of mind against accidental deflation.

The 11-piece aluminum frame sets up and breaks down quickly. The Fish Cat 13 offers taller seat pedestals for more comfortable seating and better sight over the water. The front section of the frame is removable, allowing it to be easily converted to a one-person raft.

The Outcast Fish Cat 13 gets good reviews and it is an affordable alternative to the similar Outcast Pro Series 1200 which a higher quality, two-man pontoon design, but one that sells for $2,899.

Excellent Craft, but Limited Goodies

A successful day of fishing is a matter of a little something extra, such as presenting the lure – or choosing the right Cat. From striper bass to catfish, whatever you love to fish for, the Fish Cat 13 is a rugged, reliable pontoon boat that will provide endless days of fishing pleasure. The only drawback of this Outcast inflatable is the lack of standard features. Since this is a pricey model at $1600, and items like the casting platform and swivel seats will be extra, budget-minded anglers should consider the Sea Eagle FoldCat, with its unique folding frame and tons of accessories, which is $450 cheaper than the Outcast Fish Cat 13.

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