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For a budget-busting way to get out to better fishing spots, Outcast inflatable boats are designed for worry-free use in stillwater settings. These clever craft are full of features for anglers to appreciate.

An offshoot of their parent company, AIRE, Outcast specializes in top quality, portable inflatable fishing craft, including framed personal pontoon boats and float tubes.

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Outcast Inflatable Boats

The Fish Cat Series inflatable pontoon boats are the perfect go-it-alone craft for solo anglers. With better height over the water than a float tube, compact boats like the Fish Cat Streamer are easy to row, or use fins to kick silently over your prey.

The Discovery Series and Ferrari Series are also light pontoon boats like the Fish Cats, and are made with the same 1100 denier PVC shell material found in AIRE’s outstanding line of inflatable kayaks.

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Outcast Inflatable Fishing Boat In the Specialty Series, the 11’ Power Drifter inflatable fishing boat is stable like a pontoon, weighs light like a raft, and performs like a kayak. This one-man craft features a rigid and inflatable floor, a 4-pc aluminum frame, and can mount a small motor.

The Pro Series are the top of the line of Outcast inflatables. Designed for two to three fishermen, the boats include swivel chairs, a casting platform and lean bar, a low seat for rowing, the AIREcell PVC-coated shell and buoyant oversized pontoons, and a 10-year no-fault warranty.

Outcast Inflatable Fishing Boats

The standout of Outcast’s Pro Series inflatable boat design is the 14' PAC 14, a stable fishing platform that features 19.25" tube diameter on the pontoons, 1670 denier base fabric hull covering the urethane AireCell tube and enclosed with welded seams, 5-Leafield valve type, and a 10-pc steel frame on deck.

Why Anglers Choose Outcast

Inflatable boat reviews are abuzz about the comfort and stability of these personal watercraft. Keep in mind that these boats are designed for fishing in stillwater and moderately moving rivers, and are not intended for whitewater or rapids. Other than Sea Eagle’s FoldCat pontoon boat, you won’t find a better fishing platform than these Outcast inflatable boats.

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Outcast Fish Cat Streamer - Easy to maneuver in the water and glides with minimal effort. Takes small trolling motor.

Outcast Power Drifter - A quality inflatable fishing boat with a rigid floor for standing and casting.

Outcast Fish Cat 13 - A 2-person pontoon boat with integrated anchor system, motor mount and standard oars.

Outcast Pro Series - Two models suitable for professional guides or for any angler who desires to have state-of-the-art equipment when out on the water.

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