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If you can imagine water fun, you can see why Rave Sports inflatable kayaks are a good choice when you want to select an affordable watercraft.

About the Company

Founded in 1996, Rave Sports set out with the focus on innovative products for boaters that included water skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, and towables. For the backyard pool, they designed and made floating lounges, chaises, and tubes. And with their sights back on the open water, the company decided to manufacture inflatable paddleboards and kayaks.

Rave Sports Inflatable Kayaks

In 1997, they bought out two companies: the electric boat manufacturer Sun Kat, Inc., and Aqua Toys, which makes water trampolines. Since then, Rave has also added other family fun water products including the portable inflatable dock and pontoon slides.

The newest owners of Rave, Revel Match LLC, came onboard in November 2009. The company continues to provide quality products as well as accessories and parts to their growing customer base.

About the Kayak Fleet

Rave Inflatable Kayaks

The company currently offers two Rave Sports inflatable kayaks and a combo stand-up paddleboard (SUP) / kayak:

The sit-on-top Rave Molokai Inflatable kayak ($189) weighs just 22 pounds and comes with a roomy carry bag.

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The gorgeous Rave Molokai Inflatable kayak ($299) is a tandem SOT with a bright blue hull design and a kit that includes everything you need – paddles, seats, and pump – for a fun day on the water.

The 10' Palau Stand Up Paddle Board/Kayak ($899) pumps up to an incredible 12 psi to provide a rigid deck for sit-on-top kayaking or stand-up paddling or surfing.

Every Water Product Imaginable

As Rave was the first to introduce the water trampoline, they have bragging rights about the wide variety of cool toys and equipment they make for a day of fun on the water. They cover a number of recreational water sports categories as well as providing replacement values, life vests, cleaning products, tow ropes, storage bags, and more. Anything you can do on the water to slide, ride, spin, paddle, or splash – Rave provides a product for it. Their well-designed Rave Sports inflatable kayaks are affordably priced for beginners, yet are tough enough for more discerning paddling enthusiasts.

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Rave Sea Rebel Kayak - A solid choice for an entry level kayak for anyone who needs a craft that is lightweight, portable, and quick to inflate.

Rave Molokai Kayak - A tandem sit-on-top kayak designed for flat water, slow rivers, or mild surf. Its wide beam profile makes for a stable kayak experience for beginners.

Rave Palau Stand Up Paddle Board - This $899 inflatable paddle board is versatile enough for stand up or sit down paddling and even comes with a seat for some laid-back paddling.

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