Saturn and Seamax Inflatable Boats Consumer Review

by Darius
(Vancouver, BC)

Preparing for 75 mile trip on Ocean

Preparing for 75 mile trip on Ocean

We purchased a Saturn SK470 (Kaboat) inflatable from the Canadian distributor last year in June. This year (2012), we decided to upgrade to a larger version. At first we considered the SD470 (15' non-kaboat). After calling the people in the USA, I was offended by the level of awful customer service I received and decided to do some additional research into other boats. Here's what we found:

The SK470 the boat is not good for dealing with any kind of waves/wind. You do get blown around even with a lot of weight in the boat. Also, we found when running a 10hp motor and going over any waves, the boat would buckle underneath us, almost feeling as though it was going to fold in half (scary).

We noticed in the video that provides for the 15' SD470 that it was doing something similar, hence another reason we decided to research additional boats.

We ended up deciding on a Seamax 14' Ocean T series. We visited the location here in BC and realized that the material used was FAR superior to that of the Saturn boats. In addition, it just felt much more stable AND the customer service was great! We bought it on a Monday and on Friday we took it, with a few upgrades (fish finder, speed sensor, down-rigger mount, fishing pole mounts) across the Straight of Georgia for some camping. We hit some major waves that the boat handled with ease. This boat can handle 33 knot winds and 6' waves and is currently being utilized by a branch of the US army.


Saturn: Good for super entry level boating but don't plan on taking on any waves or wind.

Seamax: Heavy duty and made to handle the elements.

I would never by another Saturn, but that's mostly due to their HORRIBLE customer service.

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Feb 16, 2017
by: Anonymous

This company is straight garbage and does not practice good business. STAY WAY AWAY FROM THEM. They are more concerned about charge backs than sales (one has to wonder why they would have such a high charge back rate).

We made an online purchase and selected customer pickup since they are about a 20 minute drive to save the 150.00 shipping costs. The item was for re-sale and the owner of the company has his name on the purchasing card. They would not allow our driver to pick up because the the card was not in his name. So we offered my drivers card and they told him we needed to pay cash. (This after we confirmed they has the unit in stock and that our driver would be coming down). They open at 10AM so we were there at 10:20AM and no one was there yet (day after superbowl) so my driver called and they weren't coming in until 1PM that day - between that and the whole CASH thing we decdided to purchase from one of the dealers in NY and skip the difficulties we had dealing direct with them. WELL they decided to cancel the dealers order and sent me an e-mail going around them telling me they will not fulfill the order.

So if you pay the 150.00 for shipping they do not need anything further BUT if you want to pick up they need a copy of the card from the card holder, drivers licnense, fingerprints the whole nine. Makes no sense. ESPECIALLY since they do not have a credit card processing machine on site.

We ended up purchasing through yet another third party who had it in stock so these yoyo's could not interfere with the purchase to fulfill our needs.

I am not one to write reviews but I would be doing consumers a diservice if I did not share the difficulties we experienced with this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY.

1 week and countless e-mails for them to kill a 1000.00 sale (and thankfully unsuccessfully) - DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS COMPANY.


In addition we tried to post a review on their site and the "testimnials" they have listed are written by employees - ridiculous

Aug 27, 2016
Manufacturedeluxe NEW
by: Anonymous

Where do you think the Saturn boats are made?
I hate to burst your bubble but they are made in China as well!

Jul 24, 2013
Blatant Plagiarism NEW
by: Anonymous

The above review was posted by myself, a consumer of Seamax boats in Vancouver, BC. I have no affiliation with Seamax and in fact sell Real Estate in Vancouver ( I realized recently that the owners from Saturn have since used this original post and altered it substantially to fit for their site (

I have since sent them a cease and desist letter to discontinue the use of my name and information I've posted.

I'm shocked to find a company so blatantly attempting to use consumer reviews for other products to suit their needs.

Should anyone require additional information regarding the stark differences between these 2 boats, feel free to contact me anytime @

Aug 23, 2012
Bullshit NEW
by: Anonymous

You don't have to be an idiot to figure out that this post was made by Seamax people. Shame! Saturn are much better than cheaply Chineese made Seamax boats.

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