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Word-of-mouth gets around about the quality of Saturn inflatable boats. It doesn’t matter if your plans include sitting on placid water and enjoying a quiet day of fishing, or if you need to be prepared for something around the river bend that could be, say...a little more terrifying. A Saturn is everything you hope for and expect in a boat — and more.

If shots of adrenaline aren’t your cup of tea, Saturn inflatable boats are a good choice when you want to grab your snorkel gear and set off exploring secluded beaches and coves. The point is, wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, from fishing, diving, rafting, and tendering, to an all-purpose use, Saturn, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality boats, dinghies, rafts, RIBS, and kayaks, has a boat that’s just right for you.

The Saturn Fleet of Inflatable Boats

Saturn Inflatable Boats

Saturn inflatable boats start at 7.5' in length and increase incrementally by one foot, all the way up to 15'. The company also makes 12' inflatable kayaks, a 10' Sit-On-Top Kayak, and an 11' Paddleboard model. All of the boats inflate within minutes with an electric pump.

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Meet the Best Sellers

Saturn SD365 Inflatable Boat The 11" Saturn SD330 is the clear favorite with Saturn owners. It is an ideal size to serve as a tender, raft, or fishing boat. Like all the inflatable boats in the fleet, the SD330 is made with 1100 Dtex New Generation PVC fabric with a polyester support having excellent resistance to tearing. Rated for up to a 15 hp short shaft outboard engine, the SD330 will carry 4 to 5 people.

The 12' sporty red Saturn SD365 comes with the high-pressure inflatable floor (up to 10.2 psi), an inflatable V-keel, and 5-layer thick hull material on the 18" diameter air tubes. This inflatable boat is longer and wider than the SD330, and rated for up to a 30 hp outboard engine. The SD365 holds a maximum of five people.

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Saturn KaBoat Inflatables

Adding to Saturn’s popular line of inflatable boats, the company came out with the KaBoat, a boat/kayak hybrid in three lengths: 12', 14', and 15'. It can be paddled into tight shallow coves, or attach a small outboard motor to the plywood transom and zip across the water for a smooth, steady ride. You can stand and move around on the high-pressure inflatable air deck, and install swivel seats and rod holders for fishing. You will find that the KaBoat’s smaller air chambers inflate more quickly than the tubes on other boats, yet the high buoyancy provided by the hull means better sightlines when looking out over the water. These affordable hybrids are priced between $500 to $700, depending on the length.

What Saturn Owners Say

Go boating without sinking your budget! Inflatable boat reviews are raving about — well, everything. Saturns are durable, stable, maneuverable, attractive, and offer the best bang for your buck among inflatables on the market. It’s no wonder that the company can claim that half of its sales come from word-of-mouth referrals from current satisfied owners.

There are many things to be concerned about while rafting down an unknown river, or when you are out on the sea, and you don’t want your boat to be one of them. This is a purchase you won’t be sorry you made. We enthusiastically throw our endorsement behind Saturn inflatable boats for their great prices and superb performance.

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Saturn KaBoat Inflatables - can be paddled, rowed, sailed or mounted with a motor. Hybrid inflatable boat & kayak crossover stores in RV or in the trunk of a car.

Saturn SD330 Dinghy - a versatile craft for fishing, recreational use, or tendering yachts and sailboats. Rugged, reliable and affordably priced under $1000.

Saturn SD365 Dinghy - performs phenomenally well powered by a 30hp motor; an amazingly fast 12' runabout for only $1025! Deep inflatable V-keel helps the boat to plane easier.

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