The Saturn KaBoat Inflatable: Modeled on the Asian Dragon Boat

The sleek and narrow Saturn KaBoat inflatable is a new hybrid design – an inflatable boat & kayak crossover. It is modeled after the long canoe-style Asian dragon boats (sans decorative dragon head) which allows it to go faster than most standard inflatable boats.

A Look at the Boat

The Saturn KaBoat inflatable comes equipped with 2 aluminum benches, a set of rowing oars with oarlocks, hand pump, repair kit, and carry bag. The boat can be customized with folding seats on a swivel base, or remove the aluminum benches and paddle the Kaboat canoe-style. KaBoats are available in three sizes: the 12' SK396, 14' SK430, and 15' SK470. Basic features of all KaBoats:

Saturn Kaboat Inflatable

  • Beam: 42"
  • Interior width: 14"
  • Transom height: 13.5"
  • Tube Diameter: 13"
  • Chambers: 2 + 1
  • Material: 1100 denier PVC
  • Air Valves: Halkey-Roberts by Naru
  • Front spray skirt with water deflector guard
  • Rope lacing
  • Marine grade plywood transom
  • One-way drain plug
  • High-Pressure inflatable air floor
  • 4 tracking fins
  • Tube Color: Grey or Red
  • Inflation time: 5 to 10 minutes

Compare Saturn KaBoats at Amazon

Saturn KaBoat

The 12' SK396 KaBoat - $499 – Length: 12' Packing Size: 34"x 21"x 10" KaBoat Weight: 48 lbs Person Capacity: 2 + 1 Weight Capacity: 500 lbs Engine Capacity: 2.5 HP

The 14' SK430 KaBoat - $599 – Length: 14' Packing Size: 40"x 21"x 10" Weight: 58 lbs Person Capacity: 3 Weight Capacity: 750 lbs Engine Capacity: 8 HP (10 HP if 2 stroke)

The 15' SK470 - $699 – Length: 15.5' Packing Size: 45"x 17"x 13" Weight: 64 lbs Person Capacity: 3 + 1 Weight Capacity: 900 lbs Engine Capacity: 10 HP

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Versatile, Inexpensive, and Fun

The Saturn KaBoat inflatable can be paddled, rowed, sailed — or the most popular option, mounted with a motor. Most owners and boat reviewers choose the latter, and they recommend that a small electric motor of about 30 pounds is perfect for any KaBoat length.

The high-pressure air floor is rigid and sturdy to stand on to cast, and the deck space is roomy enough for serving as a tender to a larger boat when hauling a lot of supplies and heavy gear.

The KaBoat’s functionality is its key selling point but you should also consider that Saturn’s sleek, narrow design allows for a lot of speed when gliding across the water when compared to a conventional inflatable boat with a same rated engine.

These fun inflatable boats are easy and quick to inflate or deflate, and pack down small enough to store in a cabinet on a boat or RV, or in the trunk of a car.

Just a Great Design

We think you will love the dragon boat-inspired Saturn Kaboat as much as we do. The price is right, it tracks straight, it has a lot of versatility thanks to its huge weight capacity, and since the tube diameter is smaller than most dinghies it inflates faster. As for looks, you’ll love the unique styling of the Saturn KaBoat inflatable and will prefer it over a canoe for those weekend paddle trips.

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