The Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat: A Light and Ultra Stable One-man Craft

For anglers looking for a small craft, the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is the ideal solution for an ultra portable boat that is quick and easy to hand-launch. When you’re looking to go up the river or get out on a small lake to enjoy a quiet morning of fishing, this one-man inflatable boat is the answer.

A Look at the Craft

When ordering the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat, you will choose between two packages, the Deluxe or the Pro Package, to equip this 9' one-man inflatable fishing boat. It’s recommended you select the Pro Package for the best options.

Specifications on the Deluxe Model:

Sea Eagle 285pb Ultimate Package

  • Dimensions: 9' x 4'
  • Deflated: 24" x 14" x 12"
  • Tube Diameter: 16"
  • Capacity: 1 person (450 lbs)
  • Hull weight: 42 lbs
  • Chambers: Two independent air chambers
  • Seam: Quadruple Overlap Seams
  • Floor: 1000 Denier Reinforced
  • Air Valves: Recessed one way
  • 2 built-in rod holders
  • Inflatable seat
  • 4'10" oar set
  • Aluminum step bench/foot rest
  • Foot pump
  • Nylon hull carry bag, and repair kit
  • Clip-on stow pouch
  • Motormount capacity: 3 hp (45 lbs max wt)
  • Speed Estimates: 5-7mph with gas, 3-4mph with electric
  • Warranty: 3 years (180 day money back guarantee)
  • NMMA Certified for safety/construction standards
  • Inflation and Assembly time: 5 minutes

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Pro Package Extras

Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat

The Pro Package for the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is an extra $200 but it’s worth it. You get everything that comes with the Deluxe package (above), plus a swivel seat kit to permanently mount the seat to the frame. Seated this way, you will have a higher sightline when fishing, better balance in the boat, and back support. The Pro Package also comes with a wooden floorboard, allowing you to stand up and cast, a motormount, and an upgraded 4'10" oar set.

Pros and Cons of the Frameless Pontoon

Pros: The Sea Eagle 285 weighs just 42 pounds, it’s entirely frameless, and fits in a bag. You can have this out of your trunk or truck bed and pumped up in about 5 minutes. This inflatable boat is lightweight enough for a small woman to handle yet very stable on the water.

The 1000 Denier hull material has a thread strength that’s tough enough to survive a pounding with the claw end of a hammer and still not puncture. Other inflatable pontoon boats are made with nylon tops and rubber bottoms that can rip at the seams, as well as the possibility they might lose air pressure after a few hours on the water.

Sea Eagle 285fpb One-Man Inflatable Fishing Boat

Cons: This may not even be an issue for some people, but the inflatable seat that comes with the Deluxe package just sits in the boat with no way to tie it down. This is another reason to spend extra money to get the Sea Eagle 285 Pro Package and a locking swivel seat.

Another minor issue with the 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is the manual foot pump. Stamping away on a foot pump can be very tiring just before you set out for a morning of fishing. But you have a couple of alternatives: one is to get Sea Eagle’s turbo electric pump although it is pricey at $189. Or, get a tough rechargeable pump for $25 bucks, the same kind you use for an air mattress.

Ultra Stable for the Solo Angler

The Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is specifically designed for the fisherman who needs a lightweight, affordable alternative to a hard hull rowboat especially at smaller lakes with no boat launch ramp. If a perfect day on the lake includes an easy-to-handle boat to paddle, this rugged little one-man inflatable fishing boat is the one for you.

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