The Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Motormount Boat Is Plenty Tough Enough

If you are a fisherman the Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Motormount boat is ideal for your needs. More versatile than a traditional boat, an inflatable will get you out to fishing spots that may be otherwise inaccessible, and you can use it at lakes where boating is limited to oars or electric motors.

A Look at the Craft

With the purchase of the Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Motormount boat, you will choose an equipment package to outfit your Sea Eagle.

The Start-up Package (just $249) includes the boat, an oar set, foot pump, and two inflatable seats.

The Fisherman’s Dream Package ($499) includes the inflatable boat, oars, foot pump, wooden bench seat, motormount support bench seat, and motormount.

Basic specifications of the Sea Eagle 8:

Sea Eagle 8 Fisherman Dream Package

  • Exterior Size: 9' 7" x 4' 8"
  • Deflated: 24" x 21" x 8"
  • Tube Diameter: 15"
  • Capacity: 3 persons (950 lbs)
  • Hull weight: 32 lbs (48 lbs w/floorboards and motormount)
  • Chambers: 5 (main, upper safety chamber, motormount support, 2 in floor)
  • Material: 33 mil Polykrylar
  • Seam: High Frequency Welded
  • Floor: Inflatable (optional wooden floorboards)
  • Air Valves: 3 deluxe one-way
  • Four molded oarlocks
  • Engine capacity: 3 hp (35 lbs max wt) or up to 74 lbs thrust electric
  • Speed Estimates: 5-6 mph w/gas, 4-5 mph w/electric
  • Warranty: 3 years (180 day money back guarantee)
  • NMMA Certified for safety/construction standards
  • Inflation & assembly time: 10 minutes

Minimum Recommended Option:

  • Wooden floorboards ($155)
  • Wooden bench ($49)

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Outfitting the Sea Eagle 8 for Maximum Benefit

Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Boat

For the best sightlines to see out over the water, consider getting the 3/4" 15-ply marine plywood bench instead of using the inflatable seats included in the Start-up package. The bench, which is included with the Fisherman’s Dream kit, holds the weight of two adults and has enough room underneath to store a tackle box, camping supplies, personal gear, or cooler.

Another strongly recommended option for the Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Motormount boat is the floorboards. The thin marine plywood floor allows users to stand up to cast, and provides for better hull rigidity. They are $220 to buy separately, or just order the Fisherman’s package and you’ll get the better deal which includes both wood bench seats, the motormount, and the floorboards.

While you can row this inflatable boat (oars & oarlocks are included), take advantage of its basic function and design — which is to be a motormount boat. The Sea Eagle 8 inflatable can hold a gas motor up to 3 hp or 35 pounds in weight, or you can opt for a reasonably priced Minn Kota Classic 28-lb thrust electric motor ($149). It’s designed for freshwater use and weighs just 16 pounds.

Tough Enough for a Variety of Water

Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Motormount Boat

The roomy 9' 7" Sea Eagle 8 motormount boat will take you into high weeds or over murky water where you would be leery about taking a larger boat, or in shallow water where you might have stood up to the hips in waders. But the best use of this inflatable is farther out. As the summer sun warms the water, fish move to deeper and colder water in the middle of the lake far from the reaches of shore fishermen. So stop dreaming of great fishing days and start planning for your own affordable boat. Sea Eagle is so sure that you’ll love your new Sea Eagle 8 inflatable motormount boat that they back every one with a 180-day money back guarantee.

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