The Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender: An Attractive Dinghy for Your Boat

The Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender is a lightweight and easy-to-launch inflatable dinghy that is perfect for any sailing vessel at anchorage. Sturdy and reliable, this seaworthy craft is a necessity for land excursions, to set or check an anchor, as well as a variety of other activities such as exploring beaches, diving, and fishing.

A Look at the Craft

The Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender comes in two equipment package deals: the Deluxe (at $899) which includes the dinghy, a collapsible oar set, foot pump, aluminum bench seat, and drop stitch floor; and the Ultimate package ($2,598), which includes the inflatable dinghy, oars, foot pump, aluminum bench seat, drop stitch floor, and Torqeedo Electric motor.

Basic specifications of the Sea Eagle Yacht Tender:

Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender Ultimate Package

  • Exterior Size: 8' 10" x 4' 10"
  • Interior: 5' 9" x 2' 6"
  • Deflated: 39" x 24" x 9"
  • Tube Diameter: 17"
  • Capacity: 4 persons (1067 lbs)
  • Hull weight: 59 lbs
  • Chambers: 4 (port, starboard, bow, floor)
  • Material: 1000 Denier reinforced
  • Seam: Quadruple overlap
  • Floor: high pressure inflatable drop stitch
  • Air Valves: Recessed deluxe one-way
  • Carry bag
  • Engine capacity: 5 hp
  • Speed Estimates: 7 mph w/2 adults & 2.5 hp
  • Warranty: 3 years (180-day money back guarantee)
  • NMMA Certified for safety/construction standards
  • Inflation & assembly time: 7 minutes

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Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender

Other features on the Sea Eagle 8.10 include all-around rope lacing, a bow carry handle, pivoting oarlocks, self-bailing drain valve, and repair kit. Since this is a transom boat, it will also mount a small motor.

While all Sea Eagle inflatable boats are designed with light-colored material to reflect UV rays, as well as hold up to oils and salt water, if you intend to keep the Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender inflated for long periods, it is a good idea to protect your investment with a boat cover ($139). The cover is mildew resistant and fits snuggly to keep rain and seawater out of the dinghy.

Perfect Dinghy for Yachtsman

Sea Eagle 8.10 Inflatable Yacht Tender

The Sea Eagle 8.10’s large 17" tubes provide for a drier ride and great buoyancy, while the high-pressure drop stitch floor, which inflates to 8 psi, provides a rigid platform. You feel steady on your feet when boarding this inflatable dinghy, casting a line, or hauling supplies back to your yacht, and the 1000 denier reinforced hull material and PVC rubbing strake are tough enough for banging into a dock with little fear of puncturing an air chamber.

Weighing just 59 pounds, this inflatable can be deflated and conveniently stored below deck. Then when you need it, roll out and inflate the Sea Eagle 8.10 yacht tender in about 7 minutes. It also has two D-rings permanently fixed for convenient towing behind your yacht, and the equipment package comes with a 12' docking rope as well.

You can use a small 5hp motor, or go under your own manpower using the oars as paddles or placing them in the oarlocks to row. Either way, the dinghy is very easy to maneuver.

Quality and an Outstanding Warranty

If the 8.10 dinghy is appealing but may be too small for your needs, Sea Eagle also builds larger transom boats that can be used as yacht tenders. See their Sport Runabouts that range from 10.6' up to 14'. Your purchase will be worry-free, as Sea Eagle stands behind all their inflatable boats with a 3-year warranty, as well as a 6-month risk-free, money back guarantee.

Considering its attractiveness, rugged craftsmanship, value, and low cost-per-year ownership, you will be proud to launch the Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender off your own yacht or sailboat.

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