The Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Motormount Boat: Land the Lunkers Other Anglers Can’t Get To

Where fishermen are lined up on shore, the Sea Eagle 9 inflatable motormount boat gets you away from the crowd and out to explore the good fishing spots. This sturdy and affordable inflatable boat gives you a better chance to haul in your bag limit.

A Look at the Craft

You can order the Sea Eagle 9 inflatable motormount boat in two packages: the Start-up ($299) that includes the boat, an oar set, foot pump, a high seat, and an inflatable rowing seat; and the Fisherman’s Dream ($549) that includes boat, oars, foot pump, wooden bench seat, motormount support bench seat, motormount, and floorboard set.

Basic specifications of theSea Eagle 9 :

Sea Eagle 9 Fisherman Dream Package

  • Exterior Size: 11' x 4' 8"
  • Deflated: 26" x 23" x 10"
  • Tube Diameter: 15"
  • Capacity: 4-5 persons (1200 lbs)
  • Hull weight: 38 lbs (56 lbs w/floorboards and motormount)
  • Chambers: 5 (main, upper safety chamber, motormount support, 2 in floor)
  • Material: 38 mil Polykrylar
  • Seam: High Frequency Welded
  • Floor: Two compartment Inflatable (optional wooden floorboards)
  • Air Valves: 3 deluxe one-way
  • Engine capacity: 4hp (45 lbs max wt), or up to 74 lbs thrust electric
  • Speed Estimates: 5-6 mph w/gas, 4-5 mph w/electric
  • Warranty: 3 years (180-day money back guarantee)
  • NMMA Certified for safety/construction standards
  • Inflation & assembly time: 14 minutes

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Other features on the boat include an all-around grab line, bow towing grommet, bow carry handle, four molded oarlocks, molded oar clasps, repair kit, and pressure gauge.

It’s More Than a Roomy Raft

Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Motormount Boat

With a hull so firm and hard you can pound on it with a hammer without fear of it ripping or tearing, the Sea Eagle 9 inflatable motormount boat is a high-quality watercraft that offers a variety of uses for many types of water conditions.

The Sea Eagle 9 has five air chambers, including a main chamber, an upper safety chamber, one for the motormount support, and two for the floor. And you won’t have to worry about tipping it over since this light inflatable boat features a wide beam for stability. It has a 38mm polykrylar hull that can take a lot of abuse sliding over pebble beaches or bumping into rocks, and the seams feature high frequency welds and not glue like other inflatable boats.

If you get the basic Start-up package, do consider adding the 3/4" 15-ply marine plywood bench ($49) which holds the weight of two adults and has enough room underneath that you can store camping gear, a cooler, or your tackle box. You’ll also want to get the set of floorboards which add more stability, and make standing and casting easier. Better yet, choose the Fisherman’s Dream option and these upgrades are included for a discounted price over buying them separately.

Better Fishing Results?

Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Boat

With the Sea Eagle 9 inflatable, you can get to places you never thought possible. For example, before spawning season when your chances of hooking a Kokanee from shore are practically nil, you can reach schools of kokes that are frequently only found in the middle of the lake. You’ll get to those prime fishing spots away from other anglers practically knocking each other over trying to cast.

As for other adventures, the Sea Eagle 9 rides well over rougher whitewater (up to class 3), and is stable enough to haul up to four adults and a lot of hunting gear into the back country. If you are fortunate enough to live on a lake but don’t like to deal with the hassle of maintaining a traditional boat, you’ll enjoy the fact that this inflatable is not only easy to use, it is virtually maintenance-free. Whatever your needs, the Sea Eagle 9 inflatable motormount boat, with the Fisherman’s Dream package option, is a good choice and rates a Best Buy.

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