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Sea Eagle inflatable boats and kayaks are for people who want it all: a well-built, well-designed sturdy craft that is easy to set-up and launch, tracks well in the water, requires minimal maintenance, and is safe enough to trust with your kids in it. All that and low prices too.

The company is so sure you will love their product that they give you a ridiculously generous 6-month trial period with a money-back guarantee on all their Sea Eagle inflatable boats and kayaks.

A Company with a Solid History

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

Begun in 1968 by Cecil and John Hoge, Sea Eagle has patented and sold its own designs for over 40 years. The company’s popularity with boaters stems from its affordable prices (starting under $250) and the wide variety of designs they offer.

For example, Sea Eagle offers inflatable kayaks in three different styles and lengths, from the economical Sport series, to the advanced Explorer series, and the all-new and versatile PaddleSki, a 5-in-1 boat that is adaptable for sailing, motoring, rowing, or paddling.

Don’t Miss These Boats…

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats

Sea Eagle introduced the Explorer Kayaks in 1976 and adventurers have been choosing them for sea and river paddling excursions all over the world. The Explorer is simple enough to inflate and set up in about 10 minutes for a quick afternoon tour, or load it with gear and head out to the wilds for a couple of months. Available in three sizes, the Explorer series are rugged enough for Class IV rapids.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats & Kayaks - Factory Direct

The other popular Sea Eagle inflatable boats include two favorites that rated highly in our reviews: the FoldCat fishing boat and the Sport Runabout. You will also find a good selection of designs that do duty as motormount boats and yacht tenders.

Great Benefits and Free Shipping

Sea Eagle SailCat

In addition to selling their inflatable boats outfitted with packages (which saves you money over buying accessories separately), Sea Eagle offers free shipping, no matter what the weight. They not only stand behind their products with great customer service, they offer that 180-day risk-free trial, and a complete 3-year warranty. It’s no wonder that they are one of the leading manufacturers of inflatable boats and kayaks.

Pairing Good Quality with Economy Pricing

Once you see the quality in workmanship and materials used in these boats and kayaks, you will agree that their value is outstanding. As the company continues to review and improve their designs with new features every year, you can bet that Sea Eagle will be around for generations to come. Many satisfied owners have given testimonials that their Sea Eagle inflatable boats have given them decades of good use.

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Sea Eagle Boat Reviews

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat - The 375fc FoldCat has scored a rating of 9.7 out of 10 from the North American Fishing Club. A highly recommended inflatable catamaran certified for safety and quality.

Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat - A wide-beam inflatable catamaran designed to carry up to four people plus gear. A good choice for bass anglers, even white water. Highly recommended.

Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat - Designed for the fisherman who needs a lightweight, affordable alternative to a hard hull rowboat. This one-man inflatable fishing boat assembles in 5 minutes.

Sea Eagle 8 Inflatable Motormount Boat - Versatile and tough. Reach inaccessible fishing spots where you would be leery about taking a larger boat. Takes electric or gas motor up to 3 hp.

Sea Eagle 9 Inflatable Motormount Boat - A sturdy and affordable boat for fishing and hunting. Stable enough to haul up to four adults, rides well over rough whitewater (up to class 3).

Sea Eagle 124 Super Motormount Boat - A versatile craft that can be used for fishing, duck hunting, or extended trips. As an affordable and easy-to-launch alternative to a traditional boat, you won’t want or need anything else but this tough-built Sea Eagle inflatable boat.

Sea Eagle 10.6 SR Sport Runabout - A multi-purpose inflatable boat for family outings, fishing, ship to shore tendering, and more. A quality watercraft that is both attractive and versatile.

Sea Eagle 10.6 SR RIK Sport Runabout - Impressive value for the price. Rigid inflatable keel provides stability and responds quickly to direction changes.

Sea Eagle 12.6 SR Sport Runabout - You can depend on the Sea Eagle 12.6 SR to deliver high performance and reliability at a reasonable price. Takes 30 hp outboard, good for 4 adults, easy to launch.

Sea Eagle 14 SR Sport Runabout - A solid investment and a good choice for an all-around, multi-purpose watercraft. A rugged, yet comfortable inflatable boat that can go anywhere.

Sea Eagle 8.10 Yacht Tender - Lightweight inflatable dinghy weighs just 59 pounds and inflates in 7 minutes. Tows behind boat or store below deck. Takes 5 hp outboard motor or use oars.

Sea Eagle 395 PaddleSki - The PaddleSki lets you sail, motor, fish, paddle, and row, making this inflatable catamaran kayak a unique recreation boat. Best for situations when you don't need to carry much stuff.

Sea Eagle 435 PaddleSki - Thumbs-up for fast assembly, ease of use, expert craftsmanship and seaworthy stability. Inflates in 7 minutes, attach seats, hit the water!

Sea Eagle 14 SailCat - A fun and inexpensive inflatable sailing catamaran. Try out the sport of sailing with easy-to-learn Lateen Rig (only one sail to handle). Fast and responsive for new sailors.

Sea Eagle Kayak Reviews

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak - A very comfortable, very wide, learning phase, novice sport kayak.

Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak - A lightweight entry-level sport kayak you can carry in on your back. Comfortable, stable, durable, carries a lot of gear, very portable.

Sea Eagle 340x Explorer Kayak - One of the most stable inflatable kayaks on the market. Great for scuba divers, anglers, backcountry paddle campers, and anyone who wants to have fun.

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Kayak - Plenty of room inside for a couple of big men and a lot of gear. Weighs 47 lbs; simply deflate, roll up, and toss it in your trunk or in the RV.

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak - A quality 14-foot touring kayak with a big-load capacity that proves its worth in a variety of water conditions. Carries up to three adults and gear.

Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack Kayak - New design tracks straight and delivers excellent speed on flat water thanks to its slimmer pontoons, outside keel, hard air floor, skeg, and sleek profile.

Sea Eagle 465ft FastTrack Kayak - Excellent for family outings or hauling a lot of gear: if your plans include paddling for hours and miles, you will appreciate the swift profile and performance.

Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 - If you’ve wanted to try a paddleboard but can’t transport a 10- or 12-foot SUP on the roof of your car, an inflatable board is the way to go.

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Inflatable Boats

Sea Eagle 124smb

Sea Eagle 124 Super Motormount
Length/Width: 12'4" x 5'6"
Capacity: 4 persons (1560 lbs)
Engine: 6 hp/74 lbs thrust electric
Warranty: 3 years

Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer Kayak

Sea Eagle 420x Explorer
Dimensions: 14' x 3'1"
Capacity: 3 adults (855 lbs)
Warranty: 3 years


Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat

Sea Eagle 440fc FoldCat
Length/Width: 14'3" x 5'11"
Capacity: 4 adults (950 lbs)
Engine: 4 hp gas
Warranty: 3 years

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Inflatable Boat Comparison Chart

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