Seamax Ocean Series Inflatable Boats – Aluminum Floor a Favorite of Divers

The Seamax Ocean Series inflatable boats offer large cockpit space, aluminum flooring, and more color choices than just the traditional light gray.

A Look at the Boats

Seamax Ocean Series inflatable boats come with their own accessories including skid resistant plywood benches, oars, repair kit, pump, bow bag, 2 sets life lines, stainless steel towing rings, and convenient carry handles. These boats have aluminum floors.

Specs of the Seamax Ocean290 boat ($999):

Seamax Ocean290 Inflatable Boat

  • Length: 9'5"
  • Beam Width: 5'0"
  • Capacity: 1122 lbs (3 adults + 1 child)
  • Max engine: 10hp
  • Shipping Weight: 120 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 16.5"
  • Color: Gray + black

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Specs of the Seamax Ocean320 boat ($1199):

Seamax Ocean320 Inflatable Boat

  • Length: 10'5"
  • Beam Width: 5'0"
  • Capacity: 1245 lbs (4 adults + 1 child)
  • Max engine: 15hp
  • Shipping Weight: 135 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 16.5"
  • Color options: Gray + black, black, or red + black

Specs of the Seamax Ocean380 boat ($1499):

Seamax Ocean380 Inflatable Boat

  • Length: 12'5"
  • Beam Width: 5'5"
  • Capacity: 1600 lbs (6 adults)
  • Max engine: 20hp
  • Shipping Weight: 160 lbs
  • Tube Diameter: 17.3"
  • Color options: Gray + black, or red + black

An Attractive Design

The 45-degree sharp nose design and a V-hull bottom created by the rigid floor and inflatable keel, improves stability and tracking. More features on the Seamax Ocean Series inflatable boats include 3 air chambers, transom with engine brackets, 1-way drain valve, a double layer keel patch, rubbing strake (tube and keel), and a wave prevention design. The aluminum floor is a favorite of divers since it is easy to clean and maintain, and is resistant to impacts such as dropping dive tanks on the deck.

The Seamax Ocean Series boats come in multiple color options including the rugged red and black, as well as the eye-catching gray and black design. The tube fabric is made in Korea of 1100 Denier PVC coated material that is resistance to weather elements such as salt water and harsh UV rays. It is also resistant to tears and abrasions. The PVC is covered by a 5-year limited warranty. All Seamax inflatable boats are specifically designed with oversized buoyant tubes for optimum stability and safety, and a lower center of gravity.

Solid Performance, But Pricey

These are well-made, tough boats that won’t invite any complaints as far as performance or construction is concerned – but price is an issue. Across the board, the Seamax Ocean Series inflatable boats average about $200 - $300 higher than other PVC boats of similar lengths. For example, the Ocean380 at 12'5" is $1500, while a comparable inflatable by Saturn, the 13' SD385, is currently just $1150. (As a bonus, Saturn now includes aluminum seat benches as standard.) The Ocean Series boats will get the job done, but why spend the extra money when you don’t have to?

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