The Sevylor Pointer K1/K2 Inflatable Kayaks: Good Budget Class Yaks for Novices

The Sevylor Pointer K1/K2 inflatable kayaks are fun to paddle and are generally stable for recreational flat-water paddling.

A Look at the Kayak

The Sevylor Pointer K1/K2 inflatable kayaks come loaded with standard equipment including seats with padded backrests, spray cover with skirt attachment system, rear cargo hatch with cover, bungee lacing on the deck, bungee paddle holders, bow/stern lift handles, water bottle holder, mesh pockets inside the cockpit, Boston valves, storage/carry bag, owner’s manual, and repair kit. The Pointers are made of Sevytex, a nylon/PVC laminate.

Sevylor Pointer K1 Inflatable Kayak

Specifications on the Sevylor Pointer K1 Kayak ($350):

  • Dimensions: 10' x 2'8"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (300 lbs)
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • 1 inflatable seat

Specifications on the Sevylor Pointer K2 Kayak ($533):

Sevylor Pointer K2 Inflatable Kayak

  • Dimensions: 14'4" x 2'9"
  • Capacity: 2 adults (600 lbs)
  • Weight: 41 lbs
  • 2 inflatable seats

Note: Paddles and Pump not included.

Pros and Cons of the Pointer

Reviewers say that if the yellow Sevylor Pointer K1/K2 inflatable kayaks look familiar, it is because they have the same low profile and bungee lace decking as the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame. The Pointers have a pointed bow and stern like the AdvancedFrame, as well as the fins on the bottom for better tracking, and come with a spray skirt for added warmth in the cockpit.

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There are some advantages to the economically-priced Sevylors, and a few cons:

Pros: At 8'8", the Sevylor Pointer K1 is a great performer and very versatile for larger kids or small adults under 5'10". Lightweight, stable, and compact, this comfortable kayak is best for day trips, flat water, rivers, and mild ocean surf. As for the 14'4" Sevylor Pointer K2, it is a bit heavy at 41 pounds for a solo paddler to handle when out of the water, but it has a nice feel for two people for an afternoon of shore exploring and wildlife sightseeing.

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Cons: It’s easy to accidentally over-inflate the inner bladders so be sure to get a pressure gauge when you buy your air pump. Other drawbacks of the Sevylor Pointer K1/K2 include: big feet and long legs are tough to stuff in this tiny cockpit; the hull is slow to dry out; the ride is a bit slower than other inflatable kayaks; not recommended for use in cold water; and a foot pump is not included.

What We Say

The Sevylor Pointer K1 and K2 are nice kayaks with lots to like…until you compare them to the 10'5" AdvancedFrame inflatable, and that is when the deficiencies stand out. The AdvancedFrame carries more payload, tracks better, has better valves and is made with better quality material, and it costs only about $50 more. The verdict on the Sevylor Pointer K1/K2 inflatable kayaks: it’s a no-brainer – if you are an average size or larger adult, spend a few bucks more and get the Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame. But if this is to be a yak for introducing your young teen or pre-teen to kayaking, or if you are a small man or woman, the Sevylor Pointer K1 should do just fine. For a couple looking for a good tandem yak for occasional use, the K2 is a decent buy. Just don’t over-inflate it.

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