The Sevylor Rio Inflatable Canoe: Rugged and Robust for Any Paddler

The Sevylor Rio inflatable canoe is an all-around fishing and diving craft that works great in freshwater or saltwater. It’s great for shallow water and offers the maneuvering advantages of a kayak with the load capacity of a small canoe.

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The 1-person Sevylor Rio inflatable canoe comes with a deluxe bucket seat with high back support, removable stern storage compartment, carry handles, D-rings, cargo ties, motor mount fitting, carry bag, and repair kit.

Specifications on the Sevylor Rio Canoe:

Sevylor Rio Inflatable Canoe

  • Dimensions: 9'7" x 3'2"
  • Capacity: 1 adult (350 lbs)
  • Weight: 26 lbs
  • PVC bladders/840-denier nylon
  • 2 directional vinyl strakes
  • Max HP: 25v SBM
  • Colors: Blue or Green
  • NMMA Certified
  • Inflation time: 10 minutes


  • Sevylor 12-V Electric Trolling Motor
  • 12-V Boat Battery and Charger
  • Kayak Paddle
  • Air pump

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Rugged and Easy to Use

The canoe’s tough double hull construction on the bottom protects the air bladders when scrapping against jagged rocks or when storing the boat sans carry bag in the back of a pick-up truck, car trunk, RV, or bush plane. It packs down small so you can take it anywhere, and it is quick to deflate and inflate.

The Sevylor Rio inflatable canoe is stable enough to stand up in which also makes for easy entry and exit at the water’s edge. There are carry handles on the bow and stern, as well as on the sides, making it a snap to portage or to lower the Rio into the water.

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The Sevylor Rio has responsive control when cruising around submerged logs and other water hazards, floats nicely in Class II rapids, and it absorbs impact against boulders without a hard jolt or tossing you in the drink. While you can use a single blade paddle, it is recommended in most reviews that you should use a double-blade kayak paddle for best results.

Economical and Comfortable

Popular with canoeists from the cold waters of the North to the saline coastal waters of the tropic regions, they all give this wonderful inflatable canoe rave reviews. Because of its shorter length, the 26-pound Sevylor Rio is easier for a small adult or child to handle but it feels more like a Sit-on-Top kayak than a kayak no matter what size you are. The Rio’s big canoe brother, the 10' 6" Sevy Colorado, offers more leg room and is the best-selling inflatable canoe in the world, so please carefully compare these two Sevys before you make your purchasing decision. The list price of the Sevylor Rio inflatable canoe is $360, but you should be able to find it online for around $240 to $275.

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